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... Hi I had full uterus (inc cervix) removed April this year but kept ovaries. I had already started getting peri-menopausal symptoms and kind of expected my ovaries to fail on me after the surgery as I was warned that this can happen. Also that your ovaries are likely to fail within 5 years but so far so good. I still feel a little discomfort (not proper pain) during... (9 replies)
... I still had a large amount of uterus left. My doctor checked the lab reports where my uterus had been sent, just to assure herself that I actually DID have my uterus removed. She told me a full sized uterus was sent in, and full of huge fibroids. ... (2 replies)
... of my uterus left. I had a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago. My ovaries and cervix are still in tact. ... (0 replies)

... and he said you really are not a candidate. Your bleeding isn't that awful and your uterus and fibroids not that big, and its not pressing on bladder. Think you should go ahead with hysterectomy. Or wait for menopause. ... (2 replies)
... As I understand it, if the uterus is removed then the fibroids will not come back. ... (10 replies)
... My wife has fiberoids on her uterus and her doctor has given her the options of either having surgery to remove the fiberoids or having a hysterectomy. ... (10 replies)
Uterus removal
Mar 19, 2009
... If you should keep your ovaries, your progesterone levels will drop after removal of the uterus. However, you will not go into full blown menopause because your body will still be producing estrogen. ... (6 replies)
... pacu, I wish I had that option!! My fibroids are embedded in the uterus and can't be removed. ... (10 replies)
... e thing. My doctor explained to me that the location of the cysts and size would not allow her to take the cysts only. And while she was at it, she advised the uterus be taken as well. I agreed, as I did not want any future problems. ... (8 replies)
... I had my hyster 11 years ago at age 29. I had my uterus and cervix removed but my ovaries remained and to this day I have not experienced any symptoms of menopause. I'm turning 40 this year and I feel GREAT! ... (10 replies)
... Pacu, I just saw your post for the first time and wondered what decision you and your wife made re treatment for her fibroid. I thought I would give you my experience. Eleven years ago I had a fast-growing fibroid which needed to be removed. My gynecologist said he might as well do a hysterectomy as long as he was at it and I said not to do it unless it was absolutely... (10 replies)
... I had a full abdominal hyst. this past January. I had endometriosis really bad, ovarian cysts, adhesions, and my uterus was attached to my bladder. The pain will be uncomfortable at first when you wake up. Use your pain medication as much as you can. ... (10 replies)
... I know so many women who've had hysterectomies thinking it would solve their health problems....and then things got worse. A co-worker's urethra was cut during the operation and she leaked urine constantly afterward, another woman's hormone imbalance became so much worse after the operation that she was fired from her job and got herself committed to a mental institution... ... (13 replies)
... tender breasts, weight gain, headaches. I thnk when I've gone one full year without a period, I can go off it, and see how I do. When menopause occurs, the lining should stay thin. ... (6 replies)
... Oh gosh, I don't know. I wish I could help, but I haven't read about antyhing like that. I'm trying to think of what hormones you have that are doing this. Your ovaries were removed, your cervix was removed and so was your uterus, right? All of those produce some hormones, the ovaries of course produce the most. :shaking head: I have no idea! Sorry I can't help. (2 replies)
... Hi ! yes they are taking ovaries and uterus, all of it. It was my choice because i am so tired of carrying babies for so long and then they die,and the pain i deal with every day. i had enough, so when i was pregnant i got diabetes,and i have had pcos since i don't even know how long its been but i was thinking if i went through the whole hysterectomy that maybe it might help... (2 replies)
Prolapse uterus
Oct 17, 2006
... M. The next two days were mostly sleeping though she got up the next morning and had a light breakfast and, later on, dinner with me. She never had to take her full dosage of pain pills and easily got by with over the counter pain relievers like Advil by the morning of the third day. ... (4 replies)
... Hi I am 27 in Feb. I had a TAH LSO (total ado hysterectomy with removal of left ovary) due to adenomyosis (endo. only on the inside of my uterus). I also had huge fibroids and cysts. I can understand what you are going through. Except I did not have the extra health concerns. Now it has not been that long since I had my surgery but so far I have not suffered any bone loss. ... (10 replies)
What is normal???
May 10, 2006
... I had a hysterectomy, full, uterus, ovaries, tubes, cervix, the whole nine yards, and bled for almost seven weeks after it.. everyone I talk to whose also had a hysterectomy told me they bled for very little, and was done i an couple days.. my gyn didn't seem to concerned when I went in for my 6 week check up, I was pretty much done then. My bleeding was a steady, but not... (1 replies)
... told and read that after a total hyst rapid aging happens. Wrinkles, thin skin, age spots etc. That is what I was referring too. But I have never really got the full details of what happens if one keeps there ovaries. ... (9 replies)

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