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... I am scheduled for a total abdominal hysterectomy on May 9th. My periods have been very erratic lately so I am wondering if anyone knows if you can have the surgery if you happen to be bleeding that day. ... (12 replies)
... Not real sure about having surgery while bleeding but as far as recovering from a full abdo hysterectomy goes....all is well. I had mine done on the 21st Feb this year and I was only in hospital for 2 days. ... (12 replies)
... section scar and my doctor said she would be able to clear up some of my scar tissue while doing the hysterectomy. I am 47 and my last "baby" is almost 20, so I am glad you gave me the heads up on recovery time. ... (12 replies)

... Can I still have a total abdominal hysterectomy while I'm menstruating. My period came today, surgery is schedule for Tuesday April 20th. ... (2 replies)
... I am having an abdominal one on Wednesday. (12 replies)
... Yes mine was done Vag... In fact I have two small incisions near my hip bone and one in my belly button but everything else was done vag... I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow and every week gets a little better... I still have some pains here and there but better then before... I think my main problem has been my bladder and right Ovary... I was in bed for most of the first week... (12 replies)
... Did you have yours done vaginally? I am wondering how long it took you to feel good. Did you have any trouble with steps? I have a 2 story house and was wondering if that will be difficult. By the way, the issue about having my period doesn't apply any longer. My doctor's father passed away and she had to postpone my surgery until May 16th, so I will be past it by then. ... (12 replies)
... The funny thing is that I start my last period the day before my Hyst... My doc just said well it will be the shortest one you will have... I think that they have seen just about everything... I know that my doc did not care... I had my done almost six weeks ago and I feel pretty good... Shelley (12 replies)
... Hi there Kathy, I am sure that your surgery will go just fine and you won't know yourself a few months after when it is all over.....I keep thinking to myself....why didn't I get it done years ago when all my problems started instead of putting up with what I did for 3 years.....anyway all the best and I look forward to hearing how it all went. Aussie Desley (12 replies)
... Hi Desley, What a wonderful experience for your daughter! I have never been to that part of the United States, but I hear it is beautiful. I live in St. Louis, MO which is in the midwest US. (12 replies)
... Hi...My surgery is scheduled the end of next month...I too had this same question mainly because my dr. is going to make every effort to do the surgery vag. and my periods well...since my biopsy in feb. i have only had one but it was at the end of the month so i was worried about rescheduling but they told me it was ok, maybe different drs are different but mine dosent have a... (12 replies)
... Hi there again Kathy, I also work from home....I am a registered family day care provider, so it has been that little bit easier to get back into the swing of things.....however as I said before, I still get the occassional twinge if I lift or bend the wrong way....but overall I am doing well as you will too....I was sent home with Panadeine Forte (the stronger version of... (12 replies)
... Thank you, Desley. I appreciate your response. Hearing from you is making me much less apprehensive about this. I work from home, as an accountant doing mainly tax work and here in the US tax day is April 15th, so my busy time is over for now. I can pretty much take as much time as I need. And even when I get back into the swing of things I can work on my laptop. I am... (12 replies)
... Well, let's see.... My Dr didn't want to do my hyst during my period, but I have heard of other women having them during their cycle, so I don't think it's a problem. My Dr. scheduled mine for the week after for some reason. As for recovery; I went in planning to have a vaginal or lap hyst. Abdominal was last resort for my Dr. She just didn't want to re-open my... (12 replies)
... I didn't realize just how much pain I had until I saw some ThermaCare at the pharmacy this weekend. Now, I remember how much it hurt. While I was in the middle of it, it really seemed commonplace. The bleeding was the main thing holding me back. ... (6 replies)

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