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Apr 15, 2009
... is it possible to have a tummy tuck at the same time as hystrectomy surgery? ... (3 replies)
... I am 52 and have had painful periods practically my entire adult life. The first time someone advised hystrectomy was about 15 years back. Of course I could'nt think about it then. ... (16 replies)
... I needing to understand about complex Ovarian Mass. My sister is 43 years old and last year she had hystrectomy and all the female reporductive organs were removed. The reason she had the surgery was due to ongoing problems with ovarian cyst problems all her life. ... (1 replies)

Oct 18, 2008
... i had hystrectomy in october last year a year on i am in constant pain in my hip sore in my kidneys area causing pain across the bottom of my back and stiff ankle what is causing it i had a total hystrectomy but left my ovories in cant get to trhe bottom of it my blood test results show normal please can u help me (2 replies)
... up with my hubby and I was one of the lucky ones that got chosen to get searched. Before they searched me I told them to be careful because of my stitches from a hystrectomy and the women security guards went all smiles and said Congrats. ... (5 replies)
... I do have an abdominal scar from the myomectomy 6 months ago; like a c-section scar. I was in the hospital for a whopping 36 hours before they booted me out & sent me home with nothing more than a RX for 40 percocets, which did NOTHING for the pain. I have to say that Advil Liqui-gels worked better for the pain than the narcotics they Rx'd me! LOL! I could care less about... (4 replies)
... Hi Nag Khan, I'm having surgery on Nov. 10 and will be traveling out of state as it sounds like you did. I was so sorry to read that you had such a tough recovery but I am so glad you are better now. I was wondering where you had your surgery. (16 replies)
... Nag Khan, I'm glad you checked back with us! I'm sorry to hear you had such bad complications after your surgery, yet I'm also glad to hear that you are now healing really well. And huge congratulations on your first grandson! I know you are very happy! When it comes to dryness, my husband and I keep some lubricating jelly (water based, specially made for vaginal use)... (16 replies)
... Hi all, Long time since I was with you guys.Over five months. The surgery, as I reported, took place on Apr 28th 09. Came back after four days, remained at home for 3 days; developed severe complications, and had to go back to hospital. Remained there for 2 weeks. Oh that was the worst part. While the surgery went well, somehow I got an infection which was (with great... (16 replies)
... Nag Khan, I am so glad to see you report back. It sounds like the surgery was a huge success! I am glad to hear you are doing well (and it really does). Pain and discomfort are normal and your levels sound normal leveled. Your doctor does sound like a good one and I'm so thrilled you have your husband and daughter to help! Check back in and let us know how you are... (16 replies)
... Hi all Well finally I did take the plunge. The TAH was conducted under GA (which miraculously had no ill effects) on 28th April. Stayed in the hospital till the 2nd of May (yesterday) and am now back home. The first three days were painful although I started going to the loo after 24 hours. I am off injectibles and taking anti-biotics orally, The pain is still there with... (16 replies)
... Nag, thank you for writing back and letting us know how you are doing. What is GA? Oooh, general anesthesia, I think. I didn't have a TAH, I had an LAVH. At 4-5 weeks post op, I'd have been ok to travel by car for a few hours at a time (maybe), but I doubt I'd be able to travel by air (unless someone were lugging EVERYTHING but my purse and I were sitting in 1st class... (16 replies)
Apr 22, 2009
... Joan Rivers might not be the best example because she has money and could pay for anything. Most regular folks count on insurance, and most plans don't cover cosmetic surgery so it would be very difficult to divide the costs, or get them to even agree to cover anything if you're getting something cosmetic done too. Logistically, it could also be difficult because it would... (3 replies)
... Don't let them take your ovaries as long as they are healthy. You may be able to do without hormones . If you have your ovaries out it is like hitting a brick wall going 90 miles an hour! Jill (16 replies)
... Well, many things have happened since last week. One, my biopsy results came out fine. No hyperplasia or malignancy. It is secretory endo. At my age and the problem I have with periods + being anaemic is pursuading me to opt for hyst. The uterus is bulky and irregular with multiple fibroids. Unfortunately I have to travel transatlantic in early june and that is confusing me.... (16 replies)
Apr 21, 2009
... Yes, but it has to be an abdominal hysterectomy. (3 replies)
Apr 21, 2009
... I remember Joan Rivers talking about this same thing many years ago. She said she had hysterectomy and tummy tuck at the same time. So, yes, I think it's possible. (3 replies)
... Thanks for the advice. The latest issue being discussed is whether the surgery should be under GA or spinal/epidural. Most people suggest the latter while the doctor is inclined towards GA. (16 replies)
... Nag, you might try calling the doctor's office after 4-5 working days from the biopsy/test. The office usually has the results, but it takes a while for someone to call. I learned to do this. I like doing it because I am ready to talk with them (if I've called) as opposed to I don't know when they'll call and I might be doing laundry, grocery shopping, or in a conference. ... (16 replies)
... test result likely to come in by the weekend. maybe a couple of days later. not firm yet. Thanks (16 replies)

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