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... Hello...NOT YET!!! April 16th I have LAVH/BSO...I'll be 40 years old this May...5 months ago I had an abnormal pap...CINIII. I went through a few procedures that would be sure to help me out and I wouldn't have anymore trouble...HA! 5 months later at my follow up pap...I had CINIII again as well as glandular abnormalities, and "cannot exclude" adenocarcinoma insitu...SCARY!... (11 replies)
... Hi Do you mind asking me what "BSO in the LAVH/BSO means?:confused: I'm having a Laparscpy surg w vag hysterec scheduled for Oct. 10 and this has to be the worst surgery I've ever had as it has been planned since July. (11 replies)
... Hey Slimseeker...How did it all go for you? Now maybe you can help me out!!! :) I'd love to hear about your recovery...And how long it took to heal and get back to your normal life!!! Thanks! Shelfer68 (11 replies)

... I hope I'm doing this right, not very computer savvy. But I definitely wanted to find a **** site and tell others of my experiences with my recent LAVH/BSO/Prolapse/Rectocele surgery (sept.17) I am 2 weeks and 1 day out and am finally feeling better. I chose to have the surgery mostly to fix my rectum prolapse. And what I saw on the internet, prolapse surgeries are... (11 replies)
... Hi, I am to have a LAVH/BSO on 9/6. I am scared to death. Anyone who had this could you please share your story? How was it? Hugs slimseeker:angel: (11 replies)
... BSO = Bilateral SalpingOophorectomy -removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. (11 replies)
... L A V H = laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy i don't know what BSO is why do you say its the worst you've ever had what do you mean? (11 replies)
... hi slimseeker :) sorry to see no one has replied to you so far, but i'm sure people will. here's my experience and i hope its helpful ~ i discovered this forum less than a week prior to my surgery, and i must say seeing so many negative stories posted here really had me scared, so i decided i should post about how things went for me - NOT a scary story at all. :) i had... (11 replies)
... Hello all, I will list what is happening here below. It is a book, sorry. My doctor's of 13 years (who has still yet to examine me herself was done by NP) says have a LAVH/BSO hysterectomy, just in case. We cant say if the cysts are cancerous or not. Was sent to gyno-onco (who has yet to examine me himself was done by NP) says they can't guarentee it is not cancer. Consider... (14 replies)
... The fact that he wouldn't financially gain from his opinion would be MORE reason to "put stock" in it versus someone who will profit from surgery. There are a couple of things I don't understand here based on all the research I've done about ovarian cysts as well as hysterectomies. Why is it all or nothing? And is "watchful waiting" an option? Since the cysts recently... (14 replies)
... Worst: Spent 3 days in hospital recovering with excruciating pain and scarring in vaginal area (had LAVH/BSO and doctor had to perform episiotomy as well to get uterus out) Vaginal area now numb Had to have more surgery one year after hysterectomy for continued pelvic pain and adhesions and suspected endometriosis left behind at time of hyst. I learned too late that... (14 replies)
... dsan0614, I am two years/eight months post LAVH/BSO and still struggling through the hormone maze of surgical menopause at 35, and believe me I have researched the heck out of this trying to figure it all out, including working with compounding pharmacists, doctors of various specialties (naturopath, endocrinology, gynecology, etc..), searching through medical libraries,... (17 replies)
... Hi, I don't really have any information for you, I am trying to figure out the same things. I just had a LAVH/BSO on 2/13/08. My Gyn/Onc started me out on Premarin .03mg, it seemed to be ok, but I wanted to be on a bio identical estrogen. I tried the Vivelle dot 0.025mg, and after a few days the insomnia was back, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. So my Gyn is going to... (17 replies)
... Bunnie Rabbit, What I meant was that I have had too much time "thinking" of this surgery. It's been looming before me since July and now I'm just finally getting around to it in Oct. Previous surgery for carpel tunnel was a breeze, Twilight sedation, no sick after affects upon waking up. Several stitches that came out a week later. Real fast recovery. Previous surgery... (11 replies)
... no i don't mind a bit! i can see some people feeling more comfortable in a chair to sleep at first. i was DYING to lay on my side but it was an effort the first time - your tummy is sore and just the gravity hurts a bit. in the hospital bed i slept in the reclined but not flat position on my back, just like a recliner would be. when i got home i felt i could turn on the 2nd... (11 replies)
... hope you don't mind one more question. I heard some people when they came home found to sleep it was most comfortable sleeping in a chair and they took something like tylenol PM. This went along with some the bad stories how did you find it was for sleeping? (11 replies)
... :) hi again, i wasn't instructed to follow any special diet after surgery. in the hospital the first meal i got was breakfast friday - day after surgery - and they had ordered me a "soft food" tray = jello, tea, cream of wheat or something, soup, milk... i was not interested in eating tho. i was allowed to order the next couple and they were regular menu choices. at home i... (11 replies)
... Thanks for your post. I will be having my surgery 10/12. I am a baby about pain and am glad to read your fears and pain level. I just told my husband he better have a pillow in the car when he picks me up! You didn't need to applogize for the long post it was worth it. My only other question is did you have a special diet when you came home? (11 replies)
... Hello, I had a post on here awhile back saying how scared I was to have my LAVH/BSO. I just wanted to come back and reassure you all. I am now 2 weeks post op and doing just fine. I could kick my own butt now for fretting so much pre op. I have very little pain and am even doing light household chores..I even have to tell myself to not do certain things i am not... (1 replies)
... Hi Misty, Thanks. I figured all the pain meds I'll be on should help the fibro too. Hi Bluelakelady. Thanks for ALL the helpful tips. Iwill remember those. I am scheduled though for a LAVH/BSO, so I will only have 3- 1/2 in. cuts where the laparoscope will go in...but doc said it may end up being it will be a surprise what I wake up with. I have a... (8 replies)

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