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I really need your help. I have felt like this for 2 months now and my doctors are stumped. Do any of you have these symptoms? Do you think it could be IBS?

Chest pain/pressure, mostly on the right side that wraps around to my back (sometimes very severe)

Nausea – comes and goes

Swollen left side of abdomen

Pain near belly button (tight and sometimes there is a “ball” there that is hard but I can move around)

Breasts are tender and heavier (I am not pregnant or in PMS)

Ovary pain (are in that general area), on and off

Pain in center of chest (where the “V” is between your ribs), not a burning pain but a dull ache


Loss of appetite (this comes on for 2 weeks or so and then goes away for awhile)

Weight loss (not much, 5-10 pounds over the last month)

Easily tired

Gas, very noisy stomach

Constipation and diarrhea

Tests= (recent tests)
-I have had a colonoscopy = normal
-Liver blood work = normal (sometimes slightly elevated)
-Gall Bladder = removed 2 years ago, was inflamed and had sludge
-Spincterotomy = 1 month ago, pressures were very high but no stones/sludge
ERCP went fine, no pancreatitis
-Stool sample + normal

Medical History =
-Nodule in the third layer of my stomach, had it triple checked and it has not grown in the past 3 years.
-Nodule on my right lung, had it checked and it has not grown in the past 3 years

Medications –
Zoloft 100mg. No problems, been on it for 7 months
Yasmin Birth Control, no problems. Been on it for 6 years

I used to get some of these symptoms and that would lead to a gall bladder like attack. VERY painful. They said after the ERCP I should be better but my early symptoms are back plus some fun new ones and I am afraid I will have a nother attack. My Doctor thinks I have IBS but I am not so sure. Please Please help if you can


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