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Hi Everyone, I have hashimoto's and being treated since July of 2016. However, have endured thigh and hip pain for at least 3 years now. Initially was an occasional "twinge" in the legs when rising etc and has progressed to chronic daily stiffness, muscle burning pain in actual thigh and shoulders accompanied my weakness and "aching" throbbing pain in shins, ankles back of thighs, lower back, wrists etc. Some low grade fevers. No rashes other than a couple of "quarter" size red scaly patches on my legs about 5 years ago that resolved on their own. No facial rash but have what seems like rosacea. I'm 47 years old, female, previous iron deficiency anemia now under control with "in range" labs for B12 and Iron thanks to supplements. TSH at last check January 6th was 4.28 so now up to .075 mcg of Levothyroxine daily.
Went to family doc this week to address my ongoing "pain" issues. Lots of labs ordered. Here's what I'm confused with and hoping someone else that may have had similar results can shed some light on. I will say, family doc called me immediately after receiving labs back giving me referral to rheumatologist but I won't likely get in for months. I'm kinda wondering why referral to hematologist wasn't recommended in hindsight given elevated WBC's. I should point out, I don't have any infection, viral or bacterial that would cause this and the fact that inflammation is next to non-existent, why would they be so high?

WBC 14.6 (4.0-11.0 xE9/L)
Neutrophils 11.0 (2.0-7.5 xE9/L)
ESR 2 (2-30 mm/h)
CK 31 (33-165 U/L)
Rheumatoid Factor <10 (<14 IU/ml)
CRP .5 (<6.0 mg/L)
C3 .99 (.90-1.80 g/L)
C4 .23 (.15-0.53 g/L)
Creatinine 60 (50-100 umol/L)
ANA is still not back yet

Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, B12 all good. eGFR 105 so Kidney function appears good. What surprised me is no inflammation which I was sure would be high given my pain and hashi's. Pretty low CK and high WBC. I know there are other antibody tests to check for RA such as the ccp and anti-smith for lupus but so far based on the above those don't seem likely but ANA if positive may shed some light based on any pattern and titre. Just curious in the meantime if anyone else has experienced similar results and symptoms and how they made out with a potential diagnosis, perhaps following more tests? Thoughts?

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