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I just discovered these boards and hoped perhaps someone here with some medical experience or personal experience with uncommon immune deficiency problems/diseases might be able to help me. I have spent the better part of two years trying to get the issue resolved by taking the standard medical approach, and have probably seen five doctors or more in the process.

I am a 24 year old male and I seem have a systemic problem with painless soft lymph node inflammations all lasting more then a year and to current, located above my collar bone, under my chin, and in my groin area. Ten years or so ago, before the later symptoms/inflammations began, I had a biopsy done on a similar node from underneath my right and it was found to be benign. Since the newer nodes developed I have had several blood screenings as well as a CAT scan of my neck and both apparently do not indicate any form of cancer is involved, though I do not understand how they can be certain without another biopsy which I am hesitant to undergo if there is no serious indication it is needed.

I also went to a local clinic and had tests done for all major STDís including HIV/AIDS, and all were found to be negative, thankfully. This however did not bring me any closer to an understanding of what was happening with my body.

These nodes have not seemed to effect my overall mobility in any way until fairly recently. Within the past month or so they seem to have multiplied somewhat around the region of the front of my hips just below the groin, and at the same time I am noticing symptoms of arthritis very much in my hips and also slightly in my back and neck, though I cannot be sure of this is from lack of activity since I do seem to have an overall feeling of malaise and general intolerance to exercise and physical exertion in general as well. Both of these have been around since the nodes began to develop and have only become slightly more severe of late.

I can only think of a few incidents in my life that might pertain to what I might have. When I was five I was seriously bitten by a family cat which was fighting with a stray, and given the relative remoteness of the area could have been exposed to any number of diseases. The quadruple puncture wound caused a terrible infection for which I was hospitalized, however when released the doctors seemed confident I did not contract anything known or known to be serious. I still have the scar to this day.

I also had a strange experience in high school with what I am guessing might have been mono from a girl I was seeing, though because of an accompanying rash on my genitals assumed at the time it could possibly have been syphilis or some other STD. I was tested then as well and found this was not the case, and the doctor said it could have been a reaction to any number of things including latex, though Iíve never had a problem with condoms and was tested to begin with because of my concern over not having worn one in this particular instance.

The last is that living in Oregon as well as parts of Southern California where they are prevalent I have been exposed to and bitten by ticks several times in my life. I have heard of such difficult to diagnose issues with the immune system possibly being related to a recurring bout with Lyme disease, though have never been diagnosed with it.

At this point I am mainly concerned because of the discomfort in walking caused by the arthritis symptoms, something I find more then a little strange considering my age. I enjoy being active and this whole two year process has really been difficult to deal with. The fact that this recent onset of arthritus now coincides with an increase in the number of swollen nodes in this region is also causing me some concern. I cannot help but consider the possibility of some form of cancer, and so have tried seeking a sixth opinion, which was basically once again that because of the texture alone these were not to be concerned about. Now I am seeking a seventh.

I would really just like to get to the bottom of this, because it is a horrible feeling knowing something is wrong but not being able to get an answer as to what that might be. Are there any obscure viral infections or other diseases that could be causing these symptoms, and if so how do I ever know what to get tested for? Should I ignore my doctors and be concerned about cancer, and if so what is the best step to take next for someone currently unemployed and without a Trump trunk of money to spend?[/QUOTE]
Your symptoms that you have noted are consistent with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There have recent studies that have "linked" Chronic fatigue syndrome with root canal dental procedures in which an infection is present and not felt because the nerve to the root was killed in the dental process. It is an interesting theory, however, just a statistical speculation right now. The other more prevalent belief about CFS is that it is diet related, depressive personality related/ and that a large number of people who have had EBV in their lifetime have gone on to develop this. Who knows? But, it apparently is a bonifide condition that responds to various remedies in an almost personally customized way. What works for one, may not work for another. Check with a Rheumatologist if you have not done so.

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