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Mono is usually caused by the EBV. (Epstein Barr-Virus) EBV is very common and its usually "caught" during childhood but may appear with no symptoms at all or mild cold/flu like symptoms then disappear after a week or so. However if you catch EBV while your an adult you will feel pretty rotten. And I mean really rotten! :)

Its true that Mono is called the kissing disease but it can be passed on through sneezing, coughing, sharing eating utensils or even drinking out of the same bottle/cup/can as someone who has mono or the EBV. Not everyone who has EBV will get Mono. But EBV usually does cause mono. But there is also another virus which causes mono too.

It's true that once you've had EBV or mono you are unlikely to get it again. However this isnt always the case. It has been known for mono to reaccur several times throughout some peoples life or flare up every few years. This is usually known as chronic mono.

It has also been said that during times of stress a person who had EBV or mono may find they are experiencing the symptoms of mono or EBV again. But this doesn't always mean the mono or EBV have come back. Only a blood test can diagnose this.

Unfortunately doctors aren't much help when it comes to mono. They practically tell you to "get on with it". Suffice to say they've never had mono. Its also said that adult mono is much worse than childhood mono.

Also mono can bring with it many symptoms from fever, hot flushes, dizzyness, extreme tiredness (so tired you could sleep 48hours and still go back to sleep), muscle and join aches and pains and in severe cases it can also enlarge your spleen and liver.

I think thats everything I can remember right now lol. :)

Oh once you've had EBV and mono you are apparently immune to catching it again but as you can see above that isnt always the case.

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