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Itchy rash
Apr 2, 2005
I have had thyroid disease for 7 years now (Hashimotos). About 3 months ago, I developed an intensly itchy rash. First it started on just my shins. It starts out looking like little raised bumps grouped together (not like hives) and after a while (due to the itching) they look like little mosquito bites all over. In some spots it looks a bit sandpaper-ish and those spots burn! The first time I went to the dermatologist she felt it was related to thyroid disease. I went back a second time and it had spread significantly. It's now on my shins, forearms, chest, stomach, back, ankles etc. The Dr. was also confident that it wasn't a fungal infection. She felt it could possibly be a dermatitis. I started using Dreft laundry detergent and baby shampoo, but nothing helped. She prescribed a heavy duty steroid cream. I used it for almost 2 weeks and it seemed to help. However, it started really drying my skin out and burning, but the rash seemed to disapear on my legs and arms. So I stopped using it and within a week the rash came back full force. I am back to using the cream and also spray benadryl. Three months seems to be a long time to have a rash! During this time I've also been having problems with my memory (more so than usual). I've been really tired and sometimes I'm getting these spells that feel like I'm car sick. By the way, I had my thryoid levels checked a few months ago and all was well. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas about what the heck this could be. It is getting terribly annoying!! Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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