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I live in a small town. There is one rheumy and she's not taking new patients. My doc is a general doc and wants me to go to the rheumy. He has hundreds of patients a day and yep, it's always rushed with him. That is why my first post was titled, "Frustrated". I feel I am just being tossed around until he can get rid of me. I have to request tests that I find online instead of him just giving me tests.

The prednisone seems to be giving me some symptoms. I'm very sore around my neck, shoulders, base of skull and under armpits. These areas feel bruised, even though there is no bruising. It's very painful. And I have horrible headaches from the med. But I can't get ahold of the doc to see if I should still stay on it.

As far as my original symptoms, I think I posted them previously, but here's a quick list:
fatigue..sleep at least 12/13 hours a day
pain in hands, shoulders, back, neck, joints, arms
my muscles feel weak and burn even with minimal use
my right hand gets cold and stays that way even when the rest of me is warm
same with my feet
pain in the legs
horrible headaches even before prednisone
very sensitive to the sun
i have a feeling of a fever. I say feeling because it never seems to register as a fever
I do have very low blood pressure and heart rate
when i am in the sun too long i get physically sick..nausea/vomiting
gastrointestinal problems (don't know if it's related or not)
redness across face..looks like a few blood vessels have broken..stays that way
however it doesn't seem the same as a lupus rash. Not as extreme. Just red.
I used to have a sore throat all the time when my symptoms first started years ago, but that is not as frequent now
I also have hair loss. That has also lessened in the last couple of years. I was losing alot, now just a little.
If I push myself when I am tired or weak (which is almost always) I get a horrible headache and end up vomiting
That's most of my symptoms...
My ana was 1:320 and now is 1:160, so that may be a good sign. It's speckled pattern. That is about all I know.

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