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I will never rule out environment as a cause of illness because I am in a very similar situation right now and I'm trying to see if the rash on the back of my hands for the past 8 months is due to a mold allergy from the mildew basement I work in every day. It's my house so I can't leave!!!

My ANA is much higher, positive 1:640, tested again 1:1280. Those numbers point to a POSSIBLE auto immune disease. I had skin testing done to rule out dermatomyositis, which is an autoimmune disease involving skin rashe with joint and muscle pains, of which I have none. I just have a persistent rash on the back of my hands, knuckles, and fingerjoints with bumpy things near the cuticles. It's finally starting to fade. But Lupus was also mentioned as a possibility to me.

However, your situation sounds like something that happened to me many years ago.....30+ to be exact, when I was 23. I suddenly had the same symptoms as you, joint pains, fevers, chest pains, dizziness, very severe anxiety disorder, all kept me out of my job for a month. The doctor took blood but said it showed nothing. I think Lupus was not even an issue 30+ years ago, no autoimmune b.s. then. I was living in a new apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I too moved to my boyfriend's house and I got better. I also moved to another apartment after that and my symptoms never came back. Coincidental? Who knows? But the basement apartment I was living in at the time might have been mold contaminated.

If you feel better, forget it. Many normal healthy people have positive ANA's. Mine might have always been high and I never knew it until now. I'm sure you have a nice, long life ahead of you. It's one reason I never go to doctors. I'm twice your age and I suffered all kinds of weird things over the years, and never gave any of it a second thought. I still eat healthy and work out for the past 30 years. Maybe I have Lupus since I'm 23. I'm still here and don't care. I'm sure you're fine too. Enjoy your life! Stay away from doctors!
Hi again
So the plot thickens ...LOL
I have also just came up with Crohn's disease as well lol Im still a lot better than I was in that apartment , but not what I was a few months ago
However i had awful abdominal pain and am severely bloated, I havent had a BM in a month or better ....go figure
I am convinced the mold in that place had somethign to do with it , either aggrivatted a condition I already had or something

Anyone here know anything about autoimmune's running together, such as likely combinations and such ?
Now Ive got Rheumatoid arthritis, Sojgrens, Crohns, but I have other symptoms that generally do not go with any of these

THanks so much
Yes, autoimmune problems can run that way...a bit from one, a bit from another. I will find out tomorrow where I stand myself as I am finally caving in and going to a rheumatologist after having a rash for over 9 months, nothing else. But I also suffer from IBS for many years and I have vertigo from time to time for many years too. I have a mild seizure type syndrome for many years. Maybe I'll finally find out what it all is.....and MAYBE NOT! I never go to doctors but I'm sure when the doc sees my ANA, she'll start looking for a disease for me...:) And since I feel wonderful, I'll hope I never see her again. I'm doing this for the sake of my dermatologist who is giving up on how to treat my hands.

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