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Yes, it's extremely frustrating! I really believe most doctors don't have a clue except to make sure you've had a flu and pneumonia vaccine and prescribe antibiotics every time. I know antibiotics are important as a precaution, but most of my illnesses are viral and antibiotics don't help at all. Someone just mentioned to me a couple days ago that I should try a B100 supplement. She said she's been taking it for over 10 years and hardly ever gets sick. She also said it helps with her energy level. This makes sense because they give vitamin B shots to people with chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. I am going to try it - I figure even if it's not a cure-all for the immune system, the increase in energy level would help. I understand your caution in taking supplements, but I think the water-soluble ones are pretty safe. I'm going to check into the B100 and let you know what I find.

I know what you mean about the job - it's good that the time off is flexible but it's hard to make a living. I work and get paid for only 30 hours a week so I feel your pain. I also hate having to use a lot of my time off for illnesses. In the past 10 years, I've only asked to be put out on disability once - for mono, which kept me in bed for over a month. I've thought about getting some type of training to work from home - transcription or something - however, I don't think I'd have the medical benefits for my family that I have now.

Ok, I'll let you know about the B100 and if I get any other advice. Take care,

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