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I am only in my early 30's and my BMI is 20.4

[U]I am having symptoms of:[/U]

Hot Neck

extreme dizziness

extreme fatigue and sleepiness

loss of appetite

low urine output

body stiffness

muscle weakness


memory and speech problems

itchness on arms



cramping in my legs

throat and neck is very tight

I feel I am not getting enough oxygen to my brain

When I talk now, my voice is harsh, very low, and my head hurts from pressure, as if someone is squeezing my neck and not getting enough air to my throat and brain/neck...

I tested negative for Lyme, Sjogren, Thyroid; my ANA, RF, all Ig tests are negative...

The only test that was abnormal was my C4.
The C3 was normal....

My lymphocyte is high.
TIBC is low, yet he said I am not anemic....
My BUN is low...

My doctor thinks I have vasulitis yet since my C3 is normal, he cannot give me a diagnosis. He said I have vasulitis-like symptoms. He did not say what kind of a vasulitis. He said my hands are cold for it being summer...

What do you think I have?

I barely can stand up for long periods, and cannot carry anything heavy around my neck because it causes a lack of oxygen to my brain which I never felt before.... I almost blacked out getting out of bed this morning.

The doctor said its not Addison's because I am too muscular....

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