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hi, i do sympathise with you as being unwell for any amount of time can be frustrating and worrying. could be an autoimmune disease but anything is really possible. there are about 70 differnt autoimmune diseases and they are very hard to diagnose as symptoms overlap alot on most of them. a specialist will probably do a bloodtest that will show if there are abnormalitites in your immune system. sometimes an immune disease can actually take a couple of years to show in your blood work. i have been ill for two years now and it has stopped me from working. doctors have done many tests which show that my immune system is attacking my body and they are pretty sure i have a or some different immune diseases but i am still undiagnosed as i said immune diseases are very hard to diagnose. the worst part is not knowing whats wrong and not having a name for your illness. i have extremely bad fatigue and sleep most of the time but fatigue can be associated with so many illness, same as muscle and joint pain, nausea, hair loss, head aches, and many more.
no one really knows the causes of immune diseases but they can sometimes be triggered by a bad viral infection or sometimes they think they might be genetic but scientists are still investigating all this.
i wish you all the best and i hope the specialist can shed some light on your medical condition soon so then you can hopefully have some relief.

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