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... I first want to thank you all for posting your experiences. My personal expericence with hives has been very limited until Nov. 2008 when I first experienced them. The only allergies I had in the past were typical seasonal allergies. I treated the hives with zyrtec, which helped for a while. In Feb. 2009 I finally went to an allergist who did every blood work up under the... (14 replies)
... Testimonials of people who have autoimmune urticaria (0 replies)
... ely stopped and most of the food reactions have also stopped. After doing a lot of research online, I found another documented case of CVID first presenting with autoimmune hives and they cited 5 or 6 other cases. Like me, this boy's hives stopped when he started IVIG. ... (14 replies)

... If it's not working alone for someone else with autoimmune hives, I'm wondering why my son's doc thinks it would for him. ... (14 replies)
... The IVIG is IgG antibodies given intravenously. I get this once a month. CVID symptoms can include repeated and prolonged infections, digestive disorders and autoimmune disease. My symptoms were somewhat atypical for years, which is likely why no one even thought to look for it until recently. ... (14 replies)
... Hello. Its been sometime since I posted to these boards. I saw your post and it really interested me. I have a dx of Autoimmune Hepatitis which apparently I have had since I was around 32 years old, maybe longer. Autoimmune Diseases run in our family. ... (14 replies)
... immunologist that diagnosed mine said any illness has the potential to set off the autoimmune hives. Is it possible you have an underlying chronic infection? ... (14 replies)
... Does anyone on this board have this? My son was dx with it in June '07 after 5 months of symptoms starting, worsening. He has only twice had them under complete control, both times lasting only very briefly (no more than two weeks). He takes a combo of Allegra 60mg, Singulair 10mg, and Zyrtec 10mg to keep them 'mostly controlled'. He still gets itchy ranging from mild to... (14 replies)
... I have been to several doctors for this disorder over the years. I was told that it is an autoimmune disorder. Below is some excerpts from a web site that explains autoimmune disorders. ... (9 replies)
... My daughter, 15, was just diagnosed with CVID, and autoimmune deficiency where her body doesn't make enough antibodies to fight infection. She is going to start IVIG infusions in 2 weeks. ... (0 replies)
... I don’t know what is proper etiquette or protocol in naming names * I HAVE CHANGED PROFILE TO ACCEPT MESSAGES AND WILL REPLY* ZyFlow which he first tried was expensive and insurance paid some but not all so I was left with $100.00 plus bill. Supposedly ZyFlow works usually on men versus women but nothing changed for me. He then moved to Cyclosporine which is a pretty... (14 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you mind telling us what the Specialist's name is and more much does the Cyclosporine cost? If it is expensive and you were able to get your insurance to pay; how long did that take and what advice would you recommend to the others in this group to make the insurance pay for our relief? (14 replies)
... I have had hives for the past 14 months too, since Feb 2008. They are so irritating and I went to an allergy clinic, rheumatologist, and regular doctors and NO ONE can figure it out. Just about 2 or 3 weeks ago I began taking antidepressants but that is not working either. They happen every day mostly on my arms where there is little tissue or fat, and on my shins, my belly... (14 replies)
... I thought that I may have an underlying infection. My allergist had my blood tested for strep, mono, thyroid, and many other test(they took 7 vials of blood). The tests showed that I was negative for infections, and it showed that my CU index (Functional Antibodies against Mast Cell Fce Receptor) was Positive >50 (normal <10). I feel like I do not need to go for a second... (14 replies)
... I believe that Atarax (hydroxizine), Zyrtec and Xyzal all have similar basic ingredients. Atarax is said to be the most sedating, but all three of these made me so wired I couldn't sleep. I tolerated Zyrtec the best and it 'helped' working for maybe 4 hours at a time, but couldn't stop them. Nothing, I tried was any more effective than a Benadryl and Pepcid combination, except... (14 replies)
... I don't know about the rest of you but mine was strictly the hives, no other problems. I have never even had allergy problems to speak of, which is what has had me so confused as to what this was. I'm continually on a high dosage of anti-histamines to treat the hives. I'm just treating the symptoms and hoping that they eventually go away again, like they have done in the past.... (14 replies)
... Hi, I just read your post about what your son has, and it sounds almost exact to what I have. I didn't know what it was until last summer, they diagnosed me or whatever it's called. I was getting constant hives, head to toe, and sometimes swelling in my face. I'm also allergic to a long list of other things but even when eliminated it kept happening. They started me on allergy... (14 replies)
... Hi. I'm no Dr but I've had chronic hives for 14 months straight before then they went away on their own. The Dr's weren't much help in identifying the cause so I eventually just gave up and focused on antihistamines for the symptoms. The combo that worked best for me was 10mg Zyrtec (2x/day), and 50mg hydroxizine (3x/day). However, it took me a long time to build up immunity... (14 replies)
... Hi all, I've already received some good advice over on the nutritional disorders board, but thought someone here may be able to answer my questions or have a similar problem. I'm 23, female, and suffering extreme fatigue among other symptoms. Since I was a child I've had numerous vague, seemingly unconnected symptoms that seemed to have earned me a reputation as a chronic... (3 replies)

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