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... b board, but have been lurking. After having a nerve biopsy I was diagnosed with microscopic polyangiitis, a form of vasculitis. My rheumy is having me take IV cytoxan once a month for the next three to six months to get this under control. ... (15 replies)
Dec 11, 2008
... I have several types of vasculitis and was finally diagnoised last month. Took a LONG time!! You can see by my sig that I have several things going on. ... (15 replies)
... litis. I had a rash that covers my body, joint pains, and blood and protein in the urine. She had a sural nerve biopsy done to be sure before treatment because Cytoxan is a chemo drug, although at a lesser amount. But she wanted to be sure before giving me that. ... (15 replies)

Sep 10, 2007
... I got sick a year ago and have been diagnosed with vasculitis. The doctors think that it is polyarteritis nodosa. A few days ago I started on daily oral treatments of Cytoxan. I am not finding much consistent information about what to expect. I am only 21 and the vasculitis has caused major weight loss so I am not on a particularly large dose (i think). Has anyone else... (0 replies)
... My next round of Cytoxan is scheduled for January 15th. Hoping to avoid the massive headache that went down into my teeth on day two. ... (15 replies)
... immune diseases there are that are similar in nature and have the same treatment. My doctor never did give my Vasculitis a specific name, just used the broad term. ... (5 replies)
... I am looking for some encouragement. I have had three Cytoxan treatments, the last one being increased by 250cc, or one third. ... (15 replies)
Feb 15, 2009
... An update on my treatment. I just had my third round of cytoxan on Friday. ... (15 replies)
Feb 15, 2009
... Hi, hopefully I can offer some insight. I was diagnosed last yer in May. I am now in remission an dfeeling much, much better. Now - the prednisone is hateful but it works!! I started on 60mgs per day - I weighed 60kgs so it it titrated on weight - hated it but eventually got down to my current dose of 7.5mgs per day. Have developed a bit of a 'moon face' and gained 10lbs... (15 replies)
Feb 15, 2009
... I can't offer much by way of info on cytoxan via IV as i took my orally each day ...but it did the trick. I gained remission ..yippee. i lost minimal hair also. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Debbie i too have mpa vasculitis. I had a systemic infection which knocked my confidence as had done well since starting treatment in May past. . Good news is I am in remission but because of the nasty infection I took I now think every ache and pain I get is a return of some infection or other. My MPA affected my kidneys (at worst went down to 15% but have now... (15 replies)
... I too have mpa vasculitis and managed to gain remission last month with cyclophosphamide and prednisolone. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Julie, Well, I certainly can`t come close to all you have been through. My doctor has told me several times in the past few months that he was surprised i`m still alive, you`re the one he should have told that to, no one person should have to endure all that pain and suffering and you must be one mighty strong and determined person in my opinion. I think we may share... (5 replies)
Feb 21, 2009
... Turns out 2 days before Christmas with a house load of kids and grandkids the Imuran got me. I was so sick I just laid with a vomit pan and cried. My son's family got very angry and ended up calling me all kinds of names--won't go there--anyway I then crash and had to have massice IVs with zofran onboard at the clinic. I had thought I might get down but I had trusted my kids... (15 replies)
Feb 14, 2009
... Hope you are doing well after all. I am newly diagnosed. It took 2 years. Am I just going to keel over one day or is this a hideously slow painful death. My Rhemy won't look me in the eye. I am taking sterois and don't know what else to do. (15 replies)
... Hi Debbie I am on 7.5 pred as well. It appears the maintenence dose I guess. Hateful disease as when treated we look quite well but feel awful. Did you get the moon face and mood changes? Letters (15 replies)
... Well Debbie, I really don't recall if my head was itchy or not. It takes awhile for the hair to fall out. That is if yours does, I have spoken to quite a few people and they didn't lose much hair at all. I would go ahead and get it done, it might make you feel better. *** removed *** Letters, I was curious how much Prednisone do you take to stay in remission. How long... (15 replies)
... Hi Debbie, I also have Microscopic Polyangiitis. I was diagnosed 4 years ago after my lungs started hemmoraghing. That said I am doing fairly well. I took IV Cyclo for 6 month and my hair did fall out, 2/3's of it anyway and when it grew back in, it was really, really curly. I also had a lot of nausea and I used to make myself a ginger tea. Look it up the Internet for... (15 replies)
Dec 31, 2008
... Can you guys tell me how you were diagnosed? did you test positive for the ANCA antibodies? just curious. I have had lupus for years, and now flaring so bad. My doc concerned because I have purplish elbows with sore not healing and my neuropathy all over is soooo bad, feels like my blood is not flowing! Im so dizzy all the time, feels like no oxygen getting to my brain. Is a... (15 replies)

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