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... I began feeling weak and having vague symptoms about 14 years ago. Weakness, tremors, palpitations, easy fatigue and such. It was all too vague to really ask a Dr. about. As a nurse, I knew they would think I was nuts, even though I knew I was ill. ... (25 replies)
... about 5 or 6 weeks ago I suddenly developed tender lymph nodes throughout my body. ... (25 replies)
... Your symptoms that you have noted are consistent with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There have recent studies that have "linked" Chronic fatigue syndrome with root canal dental procedures in which an infection is present and not felt because the nerve to the root was killed in the dental process. ... (1 replies)

... tremendously sensitive to touch and pressure. I went to the dr thinking it was a spider bite or something because it popped up over night. He told me it was a swollen lymph node and ran a ariety of blood tests. I haven't got the results yet. ... (25 replies)
... tremendously sensitive to touch and pressure. I went to the dr thinking it was a spider bite or something because it popped up over night. He told me it was a swollen lymph node and ran a ariety of blood tests. I haven't got the results yet. ... (25 replies)
... better, although I'd go through times when it would get worse for awhile and then go away again. After a couple years with no problems I have come down with the fatigue again, chest pain, swollen lymph nodes, right leg occasionally gives out on me and feels heavy, and I'll have a little bit of the myoclonus. ... (0 replies)
... Often when there is inflammation etc resulting from this abnormal response,the lymph nodes swell in the neck. I often had it for a long time when my autoimmune disease flared. Just mention it at your next visit to your derm for reassurance. ... (1 replies)
Mono Possibly?
Jun 23, 2003
... I have experienced low grade fevers, headaches, and really bad fatigue for about three weeks. Along with some eye tenderness which i link mostly to the fatigue. ... (0 replies)
... er glands in her neck, armpits, and groin are all swollen. With the ones in the pits the most painful. Usually she is at the doctor at least once a month for her swollen glands in her neck. Im starting to really get concerned with the others swelling now too. ... (25 replies)
... over the last 4 years I have been slowly going down hill. chronic fatigue, sore throat, joint pain, head aches, swollen lymph nodes, memory loss, loss of focus, flu like symptoms the list goes on and on. ... (0 replies)
Autoimmune disease
Jan 19, 2009
... I also have for as long as I can remember had swollen lymph nodes especially on the right side of my neck. Could my thyroid be underactive or overactive? ... (1 replies)
Please help me
Mar 15, 2007
... Hi Tara, Wow, what RealisticChic and Dhurst posted REALLY hit home for me. They basically just summed up all of the symptoms I have, and I have been suffering from them for about four years or so (even more have developed in the last year or two). I am 30, and honestly can say I started experiencing my health problems about the same time that you have, when I was still in... (34 replies)
... Has your doctor considered Lupus, especially with the positive ANA? I've been researching lupus (I have some weird symptoms too) and yours sound like you might want to go look at the lupus boards, especially with the joint pain and the difficulty conceiving. I'm not a doctor, just another girl searching for answers like you. Good luck and best wishes to you. (3 replies)
... I posted under the chronic fatigue board as well. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a 23 year old female and has a health problem. These are my symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes in neck area on and off for over 2 years(very tender), extreme fatigue, occasionally blurry vision, sparatic joint pain, naseua, and a little dizzy. I've had blood tests done but the doctors don't seem to know what they are doing. My white blood count was 18,000 when a normal... (5 replies)
Sjogrens Syndrome
Apr 19, 2004
... My main symptoms are fatigue, night sweats, and swollen lymph nodes. I'm taking Plaquenil. ... (4 replies)
... full neck pain throughout my whole neck region. eventually, and recently it was diagonsed by my doctor as glandular swelling. my neck glands are now frequently swollen and very easy to feel. the whole neck region all the way to the collar bone gets stiff and feels very hard. some sort of autoimmune reaction perhaps? ... (6 replies)
... This is just my opinion. Your symptoms could be related to the following: -Hypothyroidism and/or Hashimotos (check out Thyroid Board) -CFIDS (check out the Chronic Fatigue board) -UCTD (ask your rheumy) You seem to have symptoms that fit into all these categories and you may have more than one thing going on. I actually have all three of these. With Lupus you might be... (9 replies)
... ell feeling muscle aches and pains mostly in my legs, lower back and arms as well,joint pain, knees, hands and elbows, broken capillaries, red spots, headaches, fatigue that isn't relieved with sleep. ... (5 replies)
... I Went To Go See My Doctor To Get My Blood Test Results. She Said That All Major Diseases Could Be Ruled Out But There Is Something Wrong With My White Blood Count. It Seems As If I Have An On-going Infection. (every Blood Test Comes Back With The White Blood Count Being Too High). She Referred Me To A Hematologist. Should I Really Be Going To This Doctor Or Somewhere... (8 replies)

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