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... or less who do not ever have a postive ana or positive more definitive tests are still important to me! ... (8 replies)
... I know that is a disease that comes back with a positive ANA and ASM. BUT my liver enzymes are normal now. ... (1 replies)
... I've had a positive ana twice (in the past) and a reflexive panel done once that was unrevealing.>>>>>>> I did too and I have Lupus, the other tests do not have to be positive. It can be normal to have a low ANA especially as you age, like 1:40 or 1:80, but if it goes up from there, something going on. The higher the titer the more likely it's Lupus versus something... (8 replies)

ANA questions
Jan 29, 2005
... all Speckled. I also had low IgG2 and IgG4, low WBC, mild leukopenia with slight lymphopenia, high RNP. ... (4 replies)
ANA test
Aug 30, 2004
... Does anyone know if an ANA test is automatically done on a routine blood panel when a family dr.orders blood work? ... (3 replies)
... without signifying disease. It is one of the diagnostic tools used for identifying autoimmune diseases. Your titre may be positive but depending on the rheumy, low enough to be considered not significant. That being said, there are many AI disease in which ANA is not positive, or can vary in titre. ... (3 replies)
... I have seen only a few people on the thyroid board with higher antibodies and only a few with similar high antibodies. YET, my recent ANA lab result was .7 , less than .7 was the lab reference range. Also it said connective tissue disease unlikely when ANA is less than 1.0. ... (2 replies)
... MPS. All my tests come back normal. This last time, I had the positive ANA. After doing alot of my own research, I did find that my result was low positive, and could be attributed to a number of things. ... (7 replies)
... pattern of your ANA result. This would be significant in determining things. if it is on the low end, I might tend to think its insignificant. But if its higher, it really may be worth looking in to. ... (7 replies)
... lt better for a while, but never great. this last winter I started feeling worse again and took it upon myself to go to a Rhuemy DR. He examined me and tested my ANA again.... ... (12 replies)
ANA testing
Feb 9, 2004
... If a ANA test result is positive with a high or low titer, there may be a pattern detected. ... (2 replies)
... cle burning pain in actual thigh and shoulders accompanied my weakness and "aching" throbbing pain in shins, ankles back of thighs, lower back, wrists etc. Some low grade fevers. No rashes other than a couple of "quarter" size red scaly patches on my legs about 5 years ago that resolved on their own. ... (0 replies)
... CT's don't really show arthritis that would explain the level of pain I have. I have never thought I had a particularly low pain threshold, so I believe the pain I have is real. ... (3 replies)
ANA Test results
Jun 14, 2016
... is a good thing and often treatment is geared towards symptom relief as well as reducing inflammation. Of course, I'm not a doctor but just a patient. As to the ANA being positive, there are "degrees" of positivity, if you will. ... (1 replies)
... I have rheumatoid arthritis and have a negative ANA and a negative rheumatoid factor... ... (4 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone. I just actually got my pelvic MRI back (long story short: my lumbar puncture caused some really bad lower back pain and they did a lumbar/pelvic MRI to make sure there wasn't any nerve damage). Anyway, the results are a bit boggling-- among several things in the report, I have enlarged prominent lymph nodes present in the groin bilaterally. Now, coupled with the... (3 replies)
... I am 37 years old and was diagonised with positive ANA when I was 22. ... (3 replies)
... IgA deficiency, and your's isn't low enough to be called this, but it can possibly cause IBS. ... (3 replies)
... An ANA test measures a type of autoantibodies in your blood. ... (4 replies)

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