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... Hi there! If this gets changed by moderator, I apologize and just message me and I can give you more detailed info. ... (6 replies)
... I Have found your message dated 2002 re AIHA. My husband got this condition in 2000 and is still coping with the condition . ... (2 replies)
... Cardinal, I finally did come across a message about why exposure to sunlight can make a person (with Th1 disease) feel better. It has to do with the increase in Vit D (25-D) and the active form (1,25-D) that results from this. When you have an increase, it starts shutting down the body's ability to fight the disease so the symptoms go away (many symptoms are a result of... (11 replies)

Anyone out there?
Sep 11, 2003
... Thanks for the post! I had my blood checked about 6 months ago. The doctor said that the mono was still present. I'm not sure if that is normal, though. I was also checked for HIV in July and that came back negative. I'm not on any meds at the moment so I am not sure what to think about these symptoms. Should I be worried? I don't have any mouth ulcers... just a slightly... (5 replies)
... Hey diane: I have a some of the same problems write me a e-mail at: .com don (5 replies)
... Hi, I came across your message while searching for a doctor to treat my CVID in Houston. You mentioned that you like your doctor. Does she have lots of experience with CVID? ... (91 replies)
Forgot to ask
Dec 6, 2010
... If you do message me. We have a wonderful support group you may be interested in. TONS of info there. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much for reaching out to me and responding to my message. When this first appeared I was pregnant and was diagnosed with alloimmune thrombycidpenia (sp?). It affects the baby by killing off its platlets. We thought this was just going to be during pregnancy. After the pregnancy I never regained my strength entirely. About three years later my middle daughter... (15 replies)
... I am hoping Angelic Brat will see this message as well but all her postings seem to be from a while back. I really hope you continue to check this message board. But I look forward to hearing back from all of you. ... (28 replies)
... you titled this "can anyone relate" well i don't necessarily have the exact same symptoms but i think enough to warrant a conversation. why don't you email me and we could talk. (1 replies)
... paste info you've already included in your first post in this thread into the message box. ... (51 replies)
... e, arthritis worsening. I forgot how I had these "symptoms" when I lived in Mass all my life. Now I am in the mtns, north of GA. But yes I have printed out that message from worm1 and sending a message to my internist about it. Will pursue it! ... (11 replies)
... I have been searching the internet since Tuesday to find a message board on immune disorders, and this is the first active one that I have found. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Sharon, As far as your tests coming back negative goes, that doesn't mean you don't have a similar problem. I have had 3 of 4 tests come back within normal limits but my doctor says they are specific for certain proteins and antibodies. Sometimes these symptoms can be caused by other things they can't really test for. Like the lymes test is only 80-85% accurate but... (16 replies)
... Hello, I am new here and hoping to find some information or just a little advice. I am 33y/o & married. Last year 2002 June/July I got a sharp pain in my right shoulder, which then went to my left shoulder then developed in my left & right elbows then all my other joints. I become very fatigue have lost weight, am irritable, I have to lay down for a while. My worst area... (0 replies)
... Hi ya'll, Iam having a problem with occasional Pus filled Pimples.I guess they are pimples,they arent Boils(no swelling,no raised head,soreness,inflammation). I get them under my arms,below my stomach,between my legs on my legs,stomach etc.They can be small to medium in size.They come up and I can gently squeeze them and Pus comes out. The next day a thick bloody... (1 replies)
... IT's a book but it also has it's own website and message board. Basically though it focuses on just what you want to get rid of...yeast. ... (6 replies)
... Wow. That's interesting. Since teflon is a foreign body to your body :) it sounds like you have the same problem that the women who had silicone implants had when the implants leaked into their systems. In other words, is the teflon disintegrating or giving off particles that are causing contamination and symptoms? Even mercury fillings in teeth make some people sick. I'm... (3 replies)
... Although I post regularly with a different message board, I often check in here. I'm always interested in the experiences, and helpful information, that others have to offer. ... (3 replies)
Resource Links
May 25, 2000
... commercial information only websites. Do not submit commercial websites or links to other message boards and chatrooms. ... (3 replies)

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