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Without knowing the circumstances, I don't know is he like this all the time, or just right now because he's staying with grandma?
So the reason he is waking up at night is because he is hungry. The milk is no longer sufficient food for a 14 month old. Usually babies are trained to start eating baby food (like applesauce or baby cereal) at 4 months.
Has he ever eaten solid food? If not, you may need help from his pediatrician to get some advice. Otherwise, he's just being stubborn. At this age, since milk by itself isn't enough nutrition, they are continually hungry. But the bottle is a source of unending comfort, kind of like babies that suckle all night long because there moms let them, and it becomes a habit, like sucking on a pacifier.
I don't know if you're up for this, but it takes strength. You can try this 2 ways. You can go cold turkey and take away all bottles, I mean hide them where he will never ever find them. And he will tear the house apart looking. He will be in shock, crying a lot and hungry. But eventually he will have to eat food. You will be tempted to cave in and just give him the bottle to stop the crying. But then you have reinforced his crying and he will cry for hours after that to get one bottle. So you will be back at square one.
Option 2 is: Get a good nights rest the night before. Get up early. Take all bottles and put them away except for 1 or 2. Put his milk in a sippy cup. Fill one bottle with water. Put the bottle away. Then when he gets up, explain that he is a big boy now. Tell him he can have some milk and offer the sippy cup. When he refuses, calmly say, ok, here is your food. Have something ready he likes to eat, or something suitably mushy if he's not used to eating food at all. Something sweet like applesauce, don't start with carrots.
Serve yourself, and show him as you eat it how good it tastes, smack your lips. Put a tiny amount on his plate in front of him. If he has fit or a tantrum, calmly eat your applesauce and ignore this. Act as if he isn't in the same room with you. If he starts screaming for the bottle, go over and get the bottle and let him drink water from it. When he keeps screaming for milk, give him the sippy cup. Do not fill the bottle with milk. Explain he is a big boy now. The sparks may fly for a few hours or a day or two. Just try to be calm and explain again he is a big boy now. Don't try to force feed him, when he is ready he will eat. The first couple nights at bedtime let him have a bottle or two of milk. But no bottles during the day. The third night, or whenever you decide, you start weaning the night time bottles away. As long as he eats at night, he won't eat food during the day. The point is, he has to realize he is no longer a baby.
If he's just doing this with you but not with his parents, then he could just be missing them and wants the consolation of his bottle. Either way, he'll need lots of love, but he will probably be very angry for a couple days.
But this will work. Did it with my first. My second I stopped giving a bottle after 9 months, I didn't want a repeat performance!
Hope this helps!

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