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... und his privates, up his belly, and a couple on his face and legs, he goes to the dr today. I only waited because I thought the diarrhea could be from his last 2 teeth coming through, and we switched his bath soap so I thought thats why he had hives.... ... (6 replies)
15 month old food?
Apr 24, 2010
... Your 15 month old could most definately be starting to eat some table foods. Anything soft or small so she can swollow it without choking. ... (2 replies)
... Our daughter is almost 15 months and got her first teeth at about 10 months. We used to just use a wet wash cloth and wipe her two teeth and gums with it and it was hardly ever a problem. But now that she has more theeth I would like for her to get used to the teeth cleaning routine before bed. ... (3 replies)

... I bet she would prefer to be sleeping comfortably too. Trust me, I went through hell for the first year with all the teeth and the sleeping with the last tooth just coming in, my daughter is 16 months and is an amazing sleeper!!!! ... (6 replies)
... There's a song I made up when my first daughter was a baby and have used it with my other 2 children as toddlers. Not saying it works all the time, but it has helped to get in there somedays. Like the others said, I wouldn't fight it. Do what you can. The song is to the tune "Ten Little Indians" Brush, brush, brush your teeth Brush, brush, brush your teeth Brush,... (3 replies)
... But lately I've been noticing darkish streaks on his top two teeth that are kind of up near his gumline and only apparent when you pull his lip up. Is this tooth decay? ... (3 replies)
... I would not be concerned if I were you. Like the other poster said, not all babies develop at the same time. I have 15 month old twins and they neither sat up before 8 months. They weren't crawling until 9 months and one got their first tooth at 9 months and the other not until 11 months. ... (5 replies)
... This can also cause the teeth to bruise, sometimes the actual tooth may turn dark if not black. If he's ever or recently hit his teeth on somthing then this may cause that. ... (3 replies)
... My 15 month old DD doesn't have all of her front teeth yet but has several molars. I asked her pedi about it. He said although it's not as common, it's definitely not unheard of nor is it cause for concern. ... (5 replies)
... my surprise she guzzled down everything offered her in the bottle.... after a week or two of being back on the bottle, she cut a couple of new teeth. once those teeth were through, she started requesting the cup again and has been back on the cup ever since. ... (3 replies)
Eighteen month old
Jan 12, 2008
... My daughter is now 21 months old, but she has done this about once a month since about 15 months old. For a few days, she wants to be rocked or have her back rubbed...anything but to be left alone in her crib day or night. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks mcr, it's good to hear that your kid's teeth are healthy without having brushed them every single day! ... (3 replies)
... Take him to a dentist. Do you ever remember white lines up there? My 2 year old has these, she's got other dental problems also (i also brush her teeth every night before bed and durring the day depending on what she's eaten that day, she's a picky eater so she doesn't eat much junk and sugar). She had a chip out of the back of her front tooth that turned into a cavity, not... (3 replies)
... Have you checked to see if she's cutting her molars? Between 12-15 months, it's perfectly normal for a child to stop wanting to eat, due to teething. Molars can be rough on some babies! You might not see teeth coming in, but if she's drooling a lot more than usual, chewing on random things (more than usual baby chewing), refusing to eat.... those can all be signs that... (3 replies)
... g I've read online, this is early infant tooth decay. I've never put him to bed with a bottle!!!! I'm gonna have to wait for his dental insurance to kick in next month before I can take him! ... (3 replies)
15 month old food?
Apr 26, 2010
... I have twin boys and by the time they were 9 months they were completely off baby food and eating table food. (Mainly because they decided they didnt' like baby food anymore....and yes my ped is the one who recommended this!) Neither one of them had teeth, so I just made sure it was softer foods that were cut up nicely. They do have some gerber tray foods that are an entire... (2 replies)
... has hers, so i'm sure that is part of it. you might try letting her have a sippy cup with water in it to take to bed with her... at her age, she's still cutting teeth and having something she can put in her mouth is soothing. ... (5 replies)
Jul 23, 2008
... I definitely wouldn't worry. My 15 month old just got her top two eye teeth at the same time! She's been getting teeth since she was 4 months...but it just seems the eye teeth have been the last to pop through. ... (2 replies)
... months.It includes vomiting and severe diarrhea,sweeling of lower extremities,fever,many ear infections, as well..a key symptom is when the baby cuts teeth..the teeth are NOT normal..they are pointed!!..literally pointed.. ... (17 replies)
October Babies!!
Mar 21, 2006
... up visit last week. She had some conjestion and pulling at her ear. It was all because she was teething. Her front 2 bottom teeth have come through! I can't believe it. She weighs 17 lbs. and she won't be 6 mos til the 6th of April. She is definitely coming into her own. ... (105 replies)

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