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... use her babysitter has been sick and is still unable to keep her normal kids and Rissa is having to go to a local daycare. The first 2 to 3 days she was fine, no crying no really noticable change in behavior. Now, for the past 3 days she has cried thrown fits, and has been real clingy. ... (0 replies)
... what causes a 17 month old to be restless and crying excessively (3 replies)
... I had posted earlier about my 17 month old daughter having screaming fits like you described and just wanted to add something I realized. ... (8 replies)

... I also have a 17 month old girl who does the same thing, and usually it is right after I pick her up from day care (her Grandma's) or when she gets too tired. She screams and stiffens her legs, she doesn't want held but gets mad if you put her down, etc. Other than these fits she really is a good little baby. I think possibly it has something to do with getting... (8 replies)
... Is it possible for a 17 month old to have growing pains? ... (8 replies)
... My daughter will be 17 months old this Thursday. ... (8 replies)
... I am caring for a baby girl that is 17 months old. I got her on Dec 4th. She arrived to me with dirty matted hair, yeast infection, Stinky, malnerished, and black and blue from head to toe. ... (43 replies)
... I am having this problem with my 11 month old. He used to sleep during the night but every since we moved into our new house, he now wakes up crying 3 to 4 times a night and won't go back until he has had a bottle. ... (7 replies)
... Is there a reason for being against her crying herself to sleep? ... (7 replies)
... My 17 month old daughter is now going through a phase where she isn't sleeping well at night. ... (0 replies)
... and you would be so sick if you could even know some of the devastating effects on a child who is left to cry it out. That being said, we co slept up until 17 months. Ds was just not sleeping, and not settling himself back to sleep. I was nursing until about 14 months, and I had to wean. ... (7 replies)
... wow reading you story brought tears to my eyes. I have a 19 month dd and I work with children from abused home's and just cant understand how people can do such horrible, horrible things to children. ... (43 replies)
... im, you could consider investing in a Mei Tei, wring sling, Moby wrap, hot sling, or some other good quality carrier. We have a hotsling and LOVE it. My son is 17 months old and we still use it in the hip carry position. He loves to be held and I love to hold him. ... (5 replies)
... When awe are around real babies she is so careful with them and so nurturing its amazing. I love the way she gets worried if she hears a baby crying in the store and thinks the baby is hungry or needs a hug. Its very sweet. ... (4 replies)
... After reading your posts I was all motivated and decided to try a combination of things since every child is different. I put her crib in her bedroom for one, changed her bathtime to later in the evening and got her to play in her room most of the day. I spoke to her about it the entire day and got her all excited about sleeping in her bedroom on her own. Last night was the... (7 replies)
... I'm crying as I read this. To think that someone would do such a thing to something so innocent and unable to defend itself is unfathomable to me. ... (43 replies)
Apr 19, 2009
... he has a 5 month old brother and has to share the spotlight. That might be part of the story. ... (2 replies)
... My 17 month old just went through this over new years weekend. It was ROUGH! ... (11 replies)
... I breastfed all my babies for an entire year. Neither got up to nurse in the night at 9 months, let alone 3 months..maybe. Personally, I don't think a 9 month old who is eating solids and nursing during the day should be expected to wake for nighttime feedings. ... (10 replies)
Too attached?
May 23, 2006
... I have three kids 8yrs, 4 yrs, and 7mos. I also babysit another 4 year old and 17 month old 30 hours a week. I HAVE to have a break occasionally. I have to be around grown ups every once in a while so I don't regress. ... (9 replies)

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