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You're child's lucky to have a parent who is so into interacting with their child! Reading is wonderful to do! I know some people think reading to an infant isn't really nesessary but it's very important. What's also important for motor development is the dreaded tummy time. Now with more SIDS knowlege, babys sleep on their back constantly. Most kids now are going straight to walking because they don't learn how to crawl because they're so uncomfortable on their stomachs. Perhaps you could wait until your daughter gets a little better muscle control and try to do some tummy work, it'll definitly help her development.

TV for infants I don't see as a really good thing to persue. I've read that every hour spent infront of the TV before age two or three can add to ADD chances. A little bit won't hurt though. Try the Baby Einstein videos, they're wonderful. Just don't let her watch the whole two hours at one sitting :-)

Another thing I would recommend are a book set. They're called "snappy little colors" and the books come in all sorts of versions, Snappy little numbers, Snappy little farm, etc. They're amazing pop-up books that can move, they're so colorful that young children just love them. I really enjoy reading them to the little guys.

You sound like an awesome parent. Don't be too concerned that your baby isn't constantly doing something or you're not doing something constantly with her. She's so lucky to have someone like you, who really cares about her. I just can imagine the fun you'll have with her once she's old enough to do things like the zoo or the park :-)

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