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No....he's only 5 months old, if he's still waking up at night than he needs to eat. If he wasn't hungry he'd settle back down with a pacifier or a min or two after nursing. Breast fed babies (in my expience) don't sleep as well through the night as bottle fed babies. I bottle fed my first, he was sleeping through the night by 3 months, my next two i breast fed, my 2nd didn't start sleeping fully through the night untill 2 (although she would only wake up for about 5 minutes after about 1 year. My 2 year old still wakes up quite a bit, i think it's in part because she's a picky eater and is actually hungry. She's geting better now that she's eating more durring the day.
Your son could be teething, i know with my 2 year old when she's getting a tooth (currently getting her molars) she doesn't sleep well at all. Try giving him some advil (better for teething pain than tylenol) before you put him to bed to see if that helps.
Some things you can try to do before putting him down is feed him more (not force it on him), if he's waking up because he's hungry than giving him a little extra before bed may help (try some rice cereal). I don't think it's because he's going to bed too early, otherwise he wouldn't have tired so easily when you tried to keep him up and you'd have to fight with him to get him to sleep. I don't think letting him cry it out at 5 months is good though...he still needs his mommy and is too young to understand why you arne't coming to get him and feed him.
I agree with most of mandy's points, but not all. Yes, breast fed babies typically do not sleep as well at night. I think that like she said, try to feed him a bit more at night. If he needs to nurse once in the night, I would say that is normal. Maybe even twice as he may be going through a growth spurt (typically around 6 months, has he been nursing more during the day as well?) If he's doing it more than once or twice, I think it's more of a comfort/I love my mommy thing. I think that his bedtime is appropriate. I also think that he may be teething. Is he drooling more than normal? If you think that may be part of the problem give him some tylenol or motrin before bed to help. It will help the pain and also knocks most little ones out a bit.

However, 5 months is not too young to start letting him cry and learn to fall sleep on his own. And you need to get him out of your bed. I totally know that it is easier, but he is getting used to being in your bed and that is part of the problem. Even though he is young, he is very smart. He has learned that if he crys and won't take the pacifier you will pick him up and bring him into your wonderful bed and nurse him. Then he gets to sleep with his wonderful mommy. You are giving him just what he wants and he will never change it on his own because...why would he?? It's great to him!

Here's a few things that I would try. See if it is more about eating, or being with you. No more nursing in bed. Go in, nurse him and put him right back in his crib. Try not to nurse him until he falls asleep. He is relying too much on the comfort of nursing to fall asleep. Allow him to fill his belly and then put him back to bed awake and see how he does. He will cry at first and it will break your heart! Go back in every 10 minutes and calm him down, then leave again. The 1st three nights I did this with my son I sat in the other room crying right along with him!!!!! It killed me, but after 3 nights he got it. He was about 4 months old. You are doing almost everything that the pros say to do to get your child to learn to fall asleep on their own. You've established a routine, the final step is putting him to sleep awake and letting him learn to put himself to sleep. Also, another thing to help you out if it really is all about hunger...have your husband help with the feedings. I know he works late. My husband comes home around 1-2am. Guess what...he gets to help. Yes your husband is are you honey. This is a team effort. Why go put it all on yourself?

And if it really is all about hunger, you son will be eating a lot of solids very soon and that is really going to fill him up and help you out, but I think its more that he loves having you comfort him.
Mason is eating cereal around 6 or 6:30. I have been giving him some peaches and some prunes (he has been going a couple of days without going #2) but mostly oatmeal (rice makes him constipated) mixed with some applesauce. He eats, god, so much. He is a big baby also. He was 9 lbs 15 oz when he was born and he currently weighs 23 lbs. He eats pretty good during the day and almost always doesn't drink all 6 oz. He is getting oatmeal and some peaches or prunes mid morning. (with my mother-in-law) Maybe it is just a comfort thing with him. Maybe he isn't really hungry. I just need to jump in and commit to it.

He shows some sign of teething, I think. He loves to bite on a cloth diaper and bites the nipples on the bottle I give at dinner time. Sometimes I he will bite down on my finger. He isn't really drooling. His gums aren't red or swollen. And he isn't fussy at all.

I really appreciate all of the advice I have gotten. I never thought about registering on one of these things. With me being a new mommy - this is so informative.
Both my sons were never good sleepers. I always kept them either in their own crib or in a bassinet. I found that they would sleep well until a tooth was ready to come in or a possible ear infection. My sons, like yours, never showed any signs of teething in regards to swollen gums or drooling. They always got diaper rash. I agree with the tylenol, it always helped us out. Keep up with the routine. Your kids will go through MANY sleep changes. Just when you think you've got it made, they change again and your up all night. I haven't slept in over 3 years!

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