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If it is sleep depervation your daughter is going through give her some tips to get some extra sleep. Some things i did when my son was a newborn (after the first it gets harder and harder to find the extra sleep you need). Get everything you possibly can done while the baby is awake so that when the baby sleeps you are free to sleep. Don't be afraid to ask someone to take the baby for a few hours so she can get some sleep. If her and the baby's bedtimes clash than try to wake the baby to feed him about 30 min before she wants to go to bed, that way she should get atleast a few hours sleep before the baby wakes.
The problems with feeding an newborn cereal (when there is no medical need for it) is that it can cause allergies to develop, in some babies it can also cause stomache upset because their tiny tummies just can't digest it. And as was already said the baby needs as much formula as he can get. I also know from experience that cereal really doesn't help the baby sleep any longer at night. Your grandson will sleep throught the night when he is ready. Just remind your daughter to get as much sleep as she can durring the day.

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