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The baby is only 2 1/2 weeks old! Part of being a parent is dealing with feeding the baby during the night. I think it is selfish and unrealistic to except a baby this young to sleep longer through the night. At this age a baby still eats every 2-3 hours and the night is no exception. Tell your daughter in law to just deal with it as millions of mothers have since the beggining of time. A baby should not have rice cereal put in their bottle unless they have bad acid reflux and can't hold formula down. When a child is ready to begin rice cereal (4 months old for bottle fed babies) it should be fed to them with a spoon. [COLOR=DarkRed][removed][/COLOR]
Back in the old days my grandmother said that people always started giving infants rice cereal at 2 weeks and started solids way before it is recomended these days. They even made their own formula out of all kinds of crazy ingredients. Like other posters mentioned it caused allergies and it just isn't natural to start a newborn on solids. Babies that are only breastfed can go without solids up to 6 months of age. Ok It probably isn't a good idea to say "just deal wiht it" and I didn't expect you to use those words... But you know I remember how I was so tired (I had a cesarean). I was exhausted and it really was no fun everytime that baby woke up. But I knew that I had to deal with it and it is all part of being a new parent and I would have never dreamed of giving him rice cereal just so I could get some extra sleep. Most people expect sleepless nights and you just have to get through it until the baby goes longer on his own. At 2 months he should be sleeping 6 hours though (hopefully).

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