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I am reading Goodnight, Sleep Tight by Kim West. She calls herself "the sleep lady." Ok- so that's a little goofy, but the book has great information in it. It talks about helping train your baby to put herself to sleep. We all (grown ups, too) have little periods of waking even when we are sleeping at night, but grown ups know how to relax and get back to sleep. Babies just don't know how to do this, and they can get themselves all worked up. This book talks about how long babies should be sleeping at each month of age, and even gives a schedule for naps.

It also explains how to watch for sleep cues, and that by putting baby to bed [i]earlier[/i] she may actually sleep longer. For example, I was putting my guys to bed at 8:30pm and they were sleeping until 4am. Recently I noticed that they get cranky and start rubbing their eyes around 8, so I started putting them to bed at 8. This was three nights ago, and they have slept until 5:30 or 6am every single night since I started putting them to bed earlier.

A friend started this routine with her 5 month old son, and within a few nights he was sleeping straight through for 11 hours (he was waking several times each night before) and was also broken of the pacifier habit. I know it was less than a week.

Finally, if you're not swaddling, you may want to try it. I know she might seem a little old for it, but my guys get swaddled tightly every night, and I see no signs that they are ready to outgrow it. I tried letting them sleeo unswaddled about a week ago, and they woke up at 1am. Never again! I'll swaddle until their 21 if I have to!

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