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I am a new mom with a six month old girl. A brief description--After eight years of trying to have a child and numerous surgeries and doctors telling us that there is no way I would have a child, we were finally (and surprised) blessed. Our daughter was born in July, perfectly happy and healthy. The problem was like most new moms, I am sure, I did not, nor did my husband want to put her down. She slept in my arms, on my chest and with us in bed. She has never been a good sleeper--meaning very short naps and not sleeping thru the night as of yet. The positive thing is that she is rarely crabby, considering how much sleep she does not get! For the past two months she falls asleep while having her bottle (about 99% of the time) and when she is finished and I try to lay her down she immediatley wakes up and will not fall back to sleep. So in order for her to have a good nap, I would continue to hold her. Yes, I know I created the "monster". For the past four days, I have been trying to correct the problem by lying her down for her naps in her crib. She will cry herself to sleep in about 20 excrutiating minutes. Will this ever end? For each and every nap, I lay outside her door and cry along with her because I feel like a terrible mother. I hope I am doing the best for her and I don't know if I am. Please some advice! I know that I should have corrected this problem long ago, but that damage has been done. She continues to sleep with us at night, which is not a problem for either me or my husband as we love having her close. Please help!

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