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I started Gabby on 3oz for probably the 1st 5-7 days but as soon as she started draining the whole bottle we went up to 4oz shes now 7 weeks and NEVER drains a 5oz so we're back to 4oz bottles which she seems happy with :) She just wants a top up 1 1/2 - 2 hours later lol. Just take the lead from your baby, I had such a bad time the 1st couple of days in hospital with the midwifes 1st telling me I was feeding her too much then after I reduced her feeds and she wouldnt stop crying only to be told that she was hungry!!! After that I didnt take any of thier advice and did it our own way. Once I got home and asked my Gp about it she said it's basically impossible to overfeed a newborn, what they don't need they spit up. Hope this helps a bit. How exciting!!! Hope it all goes well for you!!

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