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Hey ! i'm new here and i'm not to sure where to post i looked around to see if there was anything for tube surgery or ear bleeding..

Here's the problem daughter 16 monthes old. has been sick sinces she's been born mainly with ear infections.. at the end of january she was hospitalized with RSV! and her surgery was then cancelled for her ears they went a head on the 18th of febuary went well a whole 10 min if that surgery .. I saw a bit of bloody watery discharge from her ear the day after witch on the hospital patient care paper they give you says thats normal in the next 24 hours.. every week here and there her ear whould bleed..i'd call the surgen they'd say it's ok.. On friday i went to my family doctor who said her ears in bad shape they can not see at all in her left ear.. she wasn't eating sleeping or drinking all of friday.. they put her on cefzil ! this child has been on over 20 meds since she was born ,he also stated she might be hospitilized if it dosn't get better .. sunday's afternoon nap.. woke up with stright red blood and lots of it . her ear has now bleed over 10 times (ONLY when she sleeps)so stright to the hopsital..

waited 6 hours to hear this.. she the surgen tommrow.. cause i don't know where the blood is comming from! and if it contiunes to bleed come back..

Called the Surgen .. and they said go to the hospital LOL ..
and then he took her in this morning ..he said nothig ! just gave me ear drops and said if it keeps bleeding come back in 4 days..

I have no clue noones giving me answers..
my child is hurting .. and it obvious that her hearing is going in the left ear !

i just want to know why ?
no cause of blood..
i've herd that her ear could have been damaged during surgery..
so is that why the surgens giving me no answer!
i know it will keep bleeding still it hasn't stop and its getting worst .. this is my lil gurls hearing !! she's acting up more and i read that that can be from hearing loss since she can't say hey mom i can't hear ..

has anyone had this problem.. I am re-turning tommrow.. back to the doctors.. if anyone has ideas or story or advice so i can say maybe its this ect.. and get some back ground.. cause i'm not giving up on my baby ..and just letting her ear bleed. over and over again !

the doctor in the ER said it could be a cut blood vesel ! and he dose not see a tube in that ear I"ve been to 4 doctors and surgens since friday and complaining about this for a month .. I am so upset !! so i've been franticly looking thou the internet and medical books..

the nurses on take in to the hospital where saying don't let her stand alone.. bounce her ect.. AND ITS NOT A PROBLEM :confused: i have to clean the blood up everyday .. she hasn't been able to go to day care i can't work CAUSE every week and day theres a new problem! daycare wouldn't take a bleeding ear infected child !!

so i was hopping people could give me ideas so when i speack with the doctor who works at sick kids.. I can offer ideas on what i think.. My childs going deaf thanks

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