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Blood in stool
Mar 16, 2005
Last Sat. I noticed my son had some blood in his stool. It was mucusy and just a little bit. I checked his butt to make sure he didn't have a rash and wasn't bleeding anywhere else. I changed 3 poopy diapers and there was a tiny bit of blood in them. So I called the doc and was told to try switching formula's.. I've been giving him soy formula since he was 1 week because of the massive amount of gas he was having. He is now 3 weeks old.

Yesterday I took him to the docs and he pooped while we were there so they tested it and found some blood in there. What this doc told me was sometimes babies develope an allergy to the protiens in milk/milk based formula, the reason he has blood in his stool. So she gave me tons of this formula that is hypoallergenic.. so hopefully this works.

I just keep thinking that when someone has blood in their stool that it usually means that they have some kind of gastrointestinal bleeding. Which is making me doubt the dr's. But she insisted that he's fine. :confused:

Has anyone had any experiance's with this too?

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