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I can completely relate! My first son had such a sensitive stomach, and we tried a number of different formulas, and finally the one that worked the best was the good start supreme. One thing that you have to realize is that your baby being only 2 months old still has a very sensitive digestive system. I think that switching formula so many times has probably done more harm than good on her poor little tummy. I think that you should pick the one kind that she seems to do the best on (ie, less spit up, most regular poo, and least amount of gas) and stick with it. For my first son I didn't try the good start until he was 6 months, and I noticed that at first, he did have a little bit of constipation and gas, but it pretty much solved his spit up problems. I think it took his system about a week to get rid of the constipation and gas and then he was normal ever since. Come to find out later when I switched him to regular milk, he is totally lactose intolerant and I have to buy him the lactose free whole milk. I now have a newborn, he'll be 4 weeks on monday, and I started him on the good start supreme from the very beginning. I already notice that he doesn't spit up even half as much as his older brother did at this age, and his poo is regular. He still gets a little gas from time to time, but the other 2 positives outweigh that. Well, good luck with your little one. I hope you figure things out soon.

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