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My son Paul was born in Jan. 1998 Paul was almost 5 when the new pneumoccoccal vaccine became available and I did discuss it with his Dr. mostly because he kept getting ear infections and I heard this vac. could help with that issue as well. Since paul was 5 and healthy my Dr, felt it was not necessary till he went to college.
There have been a couple of posting on this subject and many Mom's are trying to decide on weather their child should get it. Please if your leaning towards not getting it. really look into it. I wish little Paul had had it. There is an extra risk of your child coming down with this deadly illness if they have any Native American ancestors.
Little Paul at age 5&1/2 became critically ill and almost died. There was no warning before he went into shock and almost died that what he had was anything other then a ear infection or simple cold. We sent a perfectly healthy child to school. The school called to say he had a fever ,we picked him up put him on the couch gave him moltrin and called his Dr. office to get his ears checked. Before we went to the Dr's I checked on him and found him with no pulse. barely breathing, His temp had dropped to low 90's his heart,kidneys, etc. were shutting down and he was pure white and covered with little red freckles. We called 911 and they gave him CPR on the way to the hospital he was admitted into PED. intensive care with only a 10% chance of living through the night. What followed was a 2 month nightmare of surgery after surgery to save his life, arms and legs, the infection was in his blood and very resistant to antibiotics. it traveled to his eye socket on the way to his brain. his arm turned black as the infection cut off O2 to his arm.. large pockets of infection caused his testicles to swell to the size of a grapefruit and turn black. Paul was in intensive care for 2 weeks then he was placed in a ped. nursing home for 6 weeks on a pic line ( special IV that was placed in his heart to administer 6 types of antibiotic). He had become ill in May 2003 his last surgery was in Aug.2003. Paul has now had the vacs. Pneumococcal,menengitis moves fast Your child may look like they have a simple cold and be dead in less then an hour.
Little Paul was and is a healthy child with no other health factor. Many people were shocked when he contracted it. They did many immunity test to see if he had a immunity problen. He did not. Paul only had a slight fever 102 with no other symptoms an hour before he went into shock. There was no reason to be alarmed about his symptoms. He had recently had an ear infection as did many of the children in his class. He had been treated with antibiotics and had stoped the 10 days of antibiotics on Wed. 2 days before he fell ill. You have very little to no warning on this. Paul did not throwup,did not have diarea,did not complain about a headache nothing. 6 months after Paul was ill a local 5 year old girl here in Ma. came home from school for X-mas vac. feeling yucky with a temp. of 101 her mom did all the things Mom's do. gave her a light supper,moltrin for the fever a tubby time and let her lay down. She was not as lucky as Paul , when her parents found her it was to late. They did rush her to the hospital but she died the next day. Paul was laying on the living room couch with my husband and I both in the room. he was laying quiety with the TV on. The lights were down, we were trying to be quiet not to wake him. I had just taken his temp it was slight. and had decided to give him tylenol. Because he he tends to get fever seizures we alternate moltrin and tylenol every 3 hours and we keep an extra eye on him. In the 20 miniutes or so it took me to find the tylenol and return to his side he had started the dying process. His heart,lungs,kidneys breathing were shutting down. His temp. dropped to the low 90's when i went to turn him on his side to put in the tylenol suppository I realized how cold he was and put on the light. he was white with what looked like red freckles all over his face. Alot of parents do not realize this vaccine is the one they recomend to college students because every year perfectly healty young adults die from this. I had asked Paul's Dr. about the vac. when it came out 6 months before he got sick and was told because Paul was a healthy 5 year old, not in the under 2, college age dorm group, or over 65 he did not need it. I know you think you know the signs but with this illness seeing the signs is often to late. There is treatment, When Paul was hospitalized they cultured his blood to find out which antibiotic resistant strain he had and were pumping in 6 different types of antibiotics while they waited for the results. in the day or two it took to find the correct antibiotic all they could do was put him on life support and wait as the illness spead like a fire with no way to stop it. Paul survived intact, he did not lose his limbs, or any brain function. He was one of the lucky ones. I feel I also need to comment on the possible link to autism with vaccines. Paul has Autism, was his autism caused by vaccines no. Paul had symptoms of severe Autism from birth. Vaccines in Paul's case did not cause or worsen his symptoms, matter of fact since he was diagnosed with Autism as a infant and was receiving therapy for it, by the time he was getting the questionable shots he was showing signs of improvement with his Austitic symptoms.

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