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It really does sound like reflux. Don't worry they grow out of it. My doctor told me to do the rice thing to. They also put her on meds zantac and reglan. I think that the rice cereal also helped with her sleeping through the night. We found out at like a little over two weeks old that she had it. Then when we started mixing the cereal in she started sleeping through the night. She has been doing really really well since all that.I hope all goes well for you with this. For me it was upseting. With the reflux they can get heartburn and so that can be painful for them. They can also have projectle spit up. She had and that was scary and heart breaking. It would upset her. What i thought was happening when she got is was a cold. I took her to the doctor because it sound like she was getting a cold. One night all night she was coughing and sound like she was really congested. She had stuff coming out her nose and white bubbly stuff coming out her mouth. It looked the formula with you mix it with the water and how it has those bubbles that sit on top of it when you first mix it. Anyways i thought it was just a cold and the next thing i know when are at the hospital. She had blood test, chest x-ray to rule out pnemioua, and then an upper GI. Try with holding food for like 6 hours from a two week old baby. She couldn't eat because she had to wait to have the upper GI before she could eat anything. So when her reflux would act up one day it was just horrilbe. I hated it. There wasn't anything i could do except the cereal and then her meds. Which needed time to work. So those few days waiting for the meds to work was just the worst. I felt so helpless. She cryed some because like i said before it can cause some discomfort in some babies. It don't know how this is for you or others who have had babies with this. I wish you the best. My little girl is still on her meds, but will probably be coming off them soon. She is almost 7 months old and the said usually by 9 months or 1 years they have grown out of this. She is doing much better the older she get. Oh my doctor did say that when babies get to about 4 months old they do spit up more the younger babies. That is why when babies younger then 4 month have problems spitting up the check for reflux. At four months old she started spitting up alot. That lasted like maybe a month. Anyways enough of me just rambling on and on.

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