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My 7 year old had frequent ear infections as an infant. Started around 6 months and averaged about one a month or so until he was near 2. We asked our pediatrician about the possibility of having tubes put in his ears, and he just brushed us off....anyway by the time we had enough of him and changed doctors my son stopped having them.

When my daughter was born in '02, the Prevnar vaccine was available, so we got them. Her pediatrician told us it protected against SOME of the bacteria that cause the infections, but not all. She never had the first infection until last August, and she's had six since. I asked her doc about tubes, and she said they usually like to wait until they've had six in six months time before they do the procedure. Meanwhile, the baby's sick and miserable, and by the time she gets over one we have to go through it all over again.

The last time we went she mentioned to us the option of giving daily antibiotics to help prevent the infections.....they give one very small dose daily to prevent the bacteria from being able to cause an infection. But my concern was her system building up an immunity to the antibiotic with this treatment, and she said if an infection DID occur they would treat it with a higher dosage of antibiotic or a different antibiotic. We have not done this yet, but if it continues we may try it, I just don't know. I certainly hope your little boy does not have the same trouble my two have had.

A word of advice: KEEP diaper rash ointment on your his bottom while he's on the Augmentin. We learned this the hard way when my daughter was put on it and she developed a horrible rash with open bleeding sores from the diarrhea the Augmentin gave her. She had to have both Silvadene and Mytrex to heal it.

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