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I'm glad you posted this. I have the SAME issues. My little one is awake so much, I've developed a fear of falling asleep because I know I will just be up again in 2 hours to feed her. She's a month old tomorrow and has gained from 7 lbs 6 ozs at birth to 11 lbs 5 ozs and is exclusively breastfed.

I have some Ambien here that my doc gave me at the end of pregnancy because I had trouble sleeping from pelvic pain. I kind would think whatever would be safe during PG would be safe for BF'ing, but I don't know.

The problem with meds and BF'ing is who the heck to you ask? I noticed when BF'ing my first, different docs and pharmacists will tell you different things. I had to take pain killers when bf'ing my son for a back injury. The pediatrician said to only breastfeed if I was taking them short term. The OB told me they were fine because only 1/2 of 1% of anything you take gets into the breast milk. The pharmacist wouldn't tell me anything, and the GP told me not to take them at all. I think it depends on how lawsuit paranoid whoever you talk to is. It seems like everyone freaks out when a baby is involved. In my first PG I had to get my OB to call the dentist to get him to see me for a wisdom tooth abcess and I needed antibiotics. The dentist didn't want to give me anything. I ended up stopping BF'ing him because I was on the painkillers for 3 months.

This time I was on them again after delivery because I developed a uterine infection and couldn't even walk. I decided to take them, and took percocet for 2 weeks, and never really noticed any effects on my DD.

I'm tempted to take the Ambien, but still kind of worried. I may try to call someone today and let you know.

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