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I have 2 children (one is 10 and the other is 7 months today) and did not breast feed either of them, not even for a moment. I have never felt one shred of guilt and stand firmly by my decision.

I bottle fed because I believe that there are less toxins in "purified" formula than there would be from my body after being exposed to pollutants on a daily basis. I just don't trust the world today, and it's contents -- bottom line. Pretty much everything we eat or breathe nowadays they say causes disease so I wanted my children to have the purest nutrition they could receive.

I can proudly state that my eldest son has [U]NEVER been on antibiotics [/U] and never been ill with anything other than a mild case of chicken pox and the occasional cold. My 7 month old as well has never been sick AT ALL, even though he has been exposed numerous times to various illnesses. Both children were incredibly strong from birth and have never been to the doctor except for vaccinations.

Interesting to note is that all my friends who gave me heck for not even trying to breast feed, and who breast fed themselves, have had sick children. Every single one of them has had to deal with ear infections, chest infections, and one in particular (who was a health NUT) had a child born with a brand new mutation of neurofibromatosis. I had one friend who agreed with my theory and did not breast feed her daughter, and her daughter was the healthiest of that bunch and never had any infections. She breast fed her second daughter 3 years later due to the insistance of others, and that child already has tubes in her ears.....

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