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Let me preface this post by stating that I am only 8 days post-pardum with out-of-control hormones.

This is my 2nd baby (1st is 10 years old). I have chosen to bottle-feed exclusively for 2 main reasons, first I was unable to breast-feed my first baby and went into post-pardum depression as a result, and second, I had a breast augmentation with a nipple incision and my surgeon told me that it may affect my ability to breastfeed (at the time I was divorced and NEVER having any more kids - funny how things change). So, I decided to just go ahead with bottle-feeding exclusively from the start with this one.

Now, I am starting to feel a little guilty about not even trying to breastfeed, even though the odds are not in my favor to be able to anyway. Like I mentioned above, it could just be my hormones being out-of control, my sleep-deprivation, or the fact that my milk has come in and is drying up. I REALLY like the fact that DH can feed and take care of the baby after dinner until he has to go to bed, so I can get a few hours of decent sleep "off duty." I don't know how I'd function otherwise. I was just wondering if any moms who have chosen to bottle feed have regretted their decision and why. I guess I am also looking for reassurance and support for my choice to bottle feed from other moms who have had no issues. I bottle-fed my first and she was fine, was not sick all the time, does not have TMJ or any other problems as a result. This baby seems to be fine on formula so far too. She has a little difficulty burping after the last ounce, but that's because she's usually too sleepy. Otherwise, she is doing fine, gaining weight and doesn't seem to have any issues with the formula after 8 days of being on it. For those whose babies were allergic to formula, how soon did the baby show signs and what were they?

(I understand all of the pros and cons of both breast-feeding and bottle-feeding and am hoping to avoid a lecture about why breast is best, please.)

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