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My baby sounds exactly the same as yours right down to the looking at me like i'm stupid when i try to give her a dummy. Have tried many brands and she just wont suck anything but the boob! We have totally seperated nursing and sleeping. She still falls asleep in the boob all the time but i keep waking her up to make sure she has had enough. When she has totally stopped drinking and been comfprt sucking for a while i just take her off, she screams for a bit till i distract her with walking about and talking to her. She is then wide awake and we have play time then when she starts showing tired signs we have a big cuddle and i put her in her hammock and leave her for 5-10 minutes. No dummy, no boob. She cries for a bit, i go back in and bounce her (the hammock is the ultimate for soothing, rocking doesn't work so well but bouncing puts her to sleep everytime) then leave her again for another few minutes. She is now 3 months and most times will just go off to sleep on her own after a few minutes of crying. It was a long slow heart breacking process to go through but she is great at going to sleep now. She still always falls asleep on the boob and looks so peaceful and fast asleep but as soon as it's out of her mouth she's rooting around desperatly. We have just learnt from experience that she is never going to go from asleep on the boob to asleep with no boob. I still let her comfort suck quite often and have a wee nap on the boob but i know she's not going to go into a deep sleep from there.

Good luck.
I am really glad that we have made it without the dummy now as it's something we won't have to wean her off.

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