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I don't think they are ever to young to put in the crib. SIDS is going to happen no matter where they are. SIDS has went down since they have recommened babies sleep on their sides or back instead of their bellies. Just don't put anything in the crib either. My little girl is 8 months old and has been in her crib since she was 4 weeks. She doesn't get anthing no blankets or toys in the crib. Now they say no bumpers too, but she has one. She moves around so much right now that she has gotten little legs caught in the rails of the crib. You know what really helped me with putting her in her own bed is one of those video monitors. Oh that is the best thing we got. We have the one that is the size of like a walkie talkie. Oh you can she her moving every where and you can here breathing. It is so great. Love it. That really helped me to put her in her own room. Which has been really great. Now that where is wants to be. Not sleeping with us and she goes to sleep on her own too and sleeps through the night. Has really done all that since she went into her own room. I never let get attach to me rocking her to sleep or our bed. I have friends who son is 3 and he still sleeps with them cause she couldn't move him to his own room. Another friends who son is almost 2 and has to be rocked to sleep for all naps and bed time. That was another that really helped me decided to do what i have done. I will rock her sometimes, but we don't make it and every night thing. She refuses to sleep anywhere but her own bed. Unless she is staying over somewhere. It's like so know her bed isn't there so she will sleep in her pack and play. I know how you feel about the whole SIDS thing. I had a brother who would have been 25 year old in August who passed away from SIDS. So SIDS hits home for me and since my little girl was born thats all i have done is worry about it. I know it won't be the only thing i am going to worry about. As she gets bigger there is something else that is going to worry me just as much as SIDS does right now. We are parents know and worry is just something that we are always going to know as parents. We are going to worry about everything now.

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