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My son woke up this morning at 4am with his tummy really bothering him. He just needed to fart and poop. But he pooped like all morning it seems like. That and passed gas. It was painful enough to keep him awake. I got the ok to change formulas but i was holding off because it seems like he has been getting better with it. We were having a problem burping him before and i thought that was what was bothering him. Now i can get him to burp but the gas is bothering him on the other end. That and he is pooping a ton more now. How would i even know if he had baby diarea? It is all runny and I thought it was supposed to be that way. I want to switch him to this non soy and non milk formula. That was the recommendation for two weeks and then switch him to the soy. Our ped said most babies who have a problem with milk have a problem with soy also. I don't want to send his tummy for a loop all over again. What should I do?
You will know the difference between diarhea and runny poop. Diarhea will be really watery. And yes, fluoride can cause GI problems.

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