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My 2nd son (now 8 1/2 yrs old) was on jar food at 4 month a bit before, he refused the breast and bottle. By 6 months he was on stage 3 food, by 9 months solely on table food

My youngest son (now 9 months old) the dr had me start in on ceral at about 3 months and jar food veggie a week after, 1 veggie at a time for 5 - 7 days until we got though all the veggies then on to the fruits, my son by 6 months was on stage 2 jar foods. He has a hard time with chuckier foods right now he does eat some table food and some stage 3 foods.

Every kid is different and handle food differently. She is doing what she thinks is best for her son.
My mother has a fit when I feed my son, my son just started eating every 4 hrs during the day(4 times in 24 hrs), but when he was eating every 3 hrs and 3 jars of food per sitting (5 meals in 24 hr), my mom my having a fit, she'd said "You are feeding him again? You are feeding him that much?" I feed my son when he is hungry and I let him eat til he is full, my mother doesnt think that is right. My mother doesnt like the way I raise my kid, its not the way she would she hers. My kids arent hers to raise, she raised her kids, she made her mistakes, and want dont want my kids raised the way she did it. Every parent is going to make mistakes, but as long as they arent hurting their kids it should be the parents decision. Every parent wants the best for the kid, most parents want to do some things different then their parents did. I'm not saying anything bad against my parent or any parents or grandparents, my parents did what they thought was best, Im doing what I think is best.

Basically, I am just saying you may not agree with your DIL, but it is her child and she is going what she thinks is best, her best may not be the way you did it or would do it.

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