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I was told that formula fed babies may begin having rice cereal at 4 months. Also when they are drinking close to 30 ounces of formula it is time to give them rice cereal. Thats what my son was doing. drinking a lot of formula and since he was 4 months old I began giving him rice creal gradually. When he was close to 6 months old we introduced fruit first and then vegetables. I just went by the book with stuff like that since I didnt want him to have trouble digesting food or getting allergies. I know back in the old days parents were giving babies rice cereal at 2 weeks old to help them sleep longer stretches at night. These days it is not recommended unless the baby has severe reflux. You will also know when your child is ready when they are willing to open up for the spoon each time it comes to their mouths. The first time we gave my son rice cereal he opened up like a champ and at it all up as if he had been doing it forever, so we knew he was ready in that sense as well.
I've been giving my DS rice cereal in his bottle since he was 2 1/2 months. One bottle at night, before bed. For the past few weeks I've been trying him on some stage 1 foods and cereal mixed with formula to a thin texture. Sometimes he swallows, sometimes he doesn't. I don't try the food everyday though, maybe just once a week.

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