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oh boy, a bump! time for teeth already. Just yesterday I noticed that DD was drooling a bit. As it dripped all over my hand I thought, Oh that familiar feeling of warm drool, lovely-lol :)

DD is having a blast sitting up (with some support) She gets the goofiest smile on her face. It has now entered the routine of things to try when she's crying. Just sit her up and she's usually happy. And just the past two days she wants to practice standing. I notice that one of her feet seems to be a bit more curved under than the other. I'm hoping that it's just the natural bowing of the legs and it'll right itself soon. It's not too drastic, but something a mother's eye would notice.

Anyone who is on their second baby, does it seem that this one is more physical than your first. Like it's survival in the wild and they need to learn to do the physical stuff faster to keep up with the "pack" DS seemed to be so slow in learning to hold his head up, crawl, sit up, walk, etc. But my daughter is already trying to crawl when on her tummy. DS was/is very advanced metally, but the physical stuff he is still timid at. I wonder if DD will be slower to talk and stuff like that. It seems to me from hanging out with a lot of babies that the 2nd one takes a lot longer to talk, but is moving around and doing stuff faster. I don't know.

DD is sleeping very well now. Going 8-10 hours without waking to eat! It's lovely. But I have also gone to solely bottle feeding, so I know that's what's helping. It's still taking 45-1 hour to get her to finally fall asleep. The part that's driving me nuts is she starts to get fussy right at DS bedtime and I'm alone 5 nights a week. So half of the time I'm trying to get DS ready for bed and read books while she's screaming her head off. last night she was totally losing it while we were reading and my sweet little boy just looked at me and said "get in the bed" . We hadn't even finished his first book. And I said, you want to get into bed? And he said yes. I was so thankful that I could put him down and take care of her needs. I thought he'd cry when we left the room because we usually spend 10-15 minutes reading and it had only been like 2 minutes, but he was as quiet as a mouse. Arent' kids great??!!

Ok, enough from me! I hope that everyone is doing well. Take care :)

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