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I think I gave birth to the most unhappiest baby. And I am going to go crazy. There are days I just don't know what to do. Basically every time he wakes, be it at night or from a nap, he wakes up screaming. And he will not stop until he gets a bottle. Even if he just ate an hour ago. We give him the bottle and if it is not feeding time he will just play with it. But we can't take it away because then he screams. Some times the pacifier will work but not always. He has a very hard time trying to figure out how to suck on it. But as time goes on and he is getting older I find myself getting more and more fusterated. I am home with this screaming baby who does not even care whether I love him or not. I love him so much but I find myself saying, SH or quiet or no crying all day. I feel like a broken record. Eventually I end up putting him down because I can't take it. I feel so bad for letting him cry but there is nothing I can do for him. I feel that if I let him cry and leave some where it is going to effect him badly when he is older. I don't want to establish a bad relationship with him but I feel like he doesn't want me to love him. I don't think it is colic because there are things that he enjoys and does not cry for. He loves to lay on his changing table. He also does not like his stroller but if you carry him facing outward outside so he can look around he is happy. And the other thing he loves is if Dh or I go in the tub with him and let him sit chest deep in water. He is content doing these things. And he is happy to have a bottle in his mouth. So I would doubt it is colic since those babies (I think) are crying in general. I just get so down and out. Everyone knows him as an unhappy baby already. Everyone else I know has these happy babies that are always smiling and cooing. Mine is a month old and does not smile. I think he is so unhappy that he won't. I try not to let these feelings on to him. DH and I never discuss him with other people when he is around. I know he doesn't understand yet but the I don't want him to feel the negative energy. I dread having people over, I can't take him anywhere. I love him so much but I just wish he would smile or somehow just be happy. It makes me so depressed.
I am glad to hear that I am not the only one and that he is not supposed to be smiling yet. I have people telling me that he should be smiling by now and since he isn't I thought that he never would from being not happy. We did try changing formula which made him even more fussy. I have tried giving him Mylicon, which he loves the taste of and gets upset when it is gone. Just a few drops and he loves the stuff!! :rolleyes: Also my mom is always willing to watch him, however she believes babies cry when they are hungry, so she is really no help since all she does is feed him. DH and I take turns with him. And he did go one time for 11 hours of just fussing. But he can be crying and then lay him on the changing table and he is a whole other baby or if you put him the tub. I do have a dr appointment coming up so I will talk to him. Is colic heriditary? DH had it bad and so did my dad.

I feel for you! However I must say I had the worlds Most Unhappy baby. My now 12 year old son was miserable!! At his 6 week check up I asked if I could trade him in!!!! At 9 months when he started crawling. he would bang his head against the hardwood floor if he was upset about something! At 3 when he started finally started talking we thought thank goodness he could at least TELL us what was wrong all the time!! But no. He was just a miserable child. Still is to this day!!!! I have an older son, layed back and happy, and a younger one who always is smiling. But my middle son was just born serious and grumpy! We had him checked, double checked and checked again (blood, stool, x-ray...). Nothing. He is normal. Just miserable. I did find out however that I had a great-grandfather that was the same way! Perhaps he inherited a grumpy gene!!!
Good Luck to you. Remember everyone is different. Your child will smile and love you back eventually. Just relax, and please remember to love your child no matter what. Just get a really good babysitter! Or a really loud vaccum! lol
ladywolf789 - I feel for YOU!! But maybe my DS did get the grumpies from somewhere.

Another thing, DH and I have noticed that if we do not answer to DS cries right away he gets very angry. We are always trying to tell the difference between his cries, maybe it would help, and he actually has an angry cry. He will be crying and then scream. He screws his face up and gets all red and screams. The other day he was doing this and DH put his knuckle in his mouth for him to suck and DS bit down on it with all his strength. This is not the first time he has done this. Can a baby really get angry or have anger in there, he is still so little for it? But he does it at times like when he can not latch on to his pacifier or if he isn't getting his bottle fast enough.

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