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hey everyone...

morgans appt is tommorrow, but i know he is only 13.2 lbs. this is sooooo bizzare to me as EVERYONE comments on how he is a bowling ball and must weigh 17-18 pounds. i asked if he batteries were low on the scale. he was weighed because 2 year old DS got very very sick (had to take him to ER) for a double ear infection and croup, and 4 mo DS was very ill as well, so congested that he had to puke to get it out! it has been one of the hardest last 5 days of my life! so much medication and snot in one house! god bless who ever invented the bulb sucky thingy.

anyway, morgan is a happy baby as long as you are holding him, miserable if you are not.

anyone else having issues with DH? mine a acts like he is going to set himself on fire when he learns he has to watch both boys for a couple of hours while i work. i do it all day, he does it for 4 hours 2x a week. sheesh.

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