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Could be the formula. It's not great to change constantly, but if you need to you need to.

I would try this though first. Babies go through some major growth spurts where they are hungry seemingly ALL the time. When she's having one of her meltdowns, will she take a bottle? If she does, and I'm not talking half an ounce to make her feel good, but 2-4 ounces or more, then she's hungry. During my kids' growth spurts, they would sometimes go a few days where they ate every hour to two hours, it seemed like they were newborns all over again. They're sleeping on a nice routine then all of a sudden, they are up a few times a night.

Also, I've been told and researched that an infants fussiness peaks at 5-8 weeks old, then will taper off. You could be in the middle of that also.

Drue, my 4 month old just got through one, lasted 3 days, she ate like a super hog. Today she's back to normal.

Hang in there, I know it is SO frustrating.

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