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Hello, My DD is going to be 11 months old on the 13th. Our ped said that she should be 1 year and 20lbs or over to face her forward in her car seat. I really want to turn her around now. It seems like alot of the times when i go to get her out of the car seat she is sweating. I just don't think the air is getting back to her to cool her off like she needs. She gets hot so easy and breaks out with heat rash really easy too. So i really want to turn her around.

My other question is. Do you think that it would also be ok to change her to milk instead of formula? If so what kind of milk do you give them. I know they say not to until there 1. My dd seems like isn't liking her formula much anymore. I can maybe get her to drink 1 cup of it.

I really want to just get everyone else's opion on these matters. Thanks for your help.

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