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Re: Stuck in a rut
Aug 11, 2005
I know exactly how you feel! I am the same way after my 2nd. I have never had an eating disorder, but I could totally see myself developing one now, so I have to consciously force myself to eat. Like the other poster said, watch the sugar and carbs and try to choose healthy snacks over sugar snacks. I'm not one for exercise either but have been told that the Walk Away the Pounds videos really help and they're easy to do (plus, the first one is only 18 minutes). Also taking the baby for a walk is good exercise. I don't do enough of that. I can't fit my pre-pregnancy jeans over my thighs, let alone get them to the point where I could attempt to button them. What helped my self-confidence, though, was to buy a few new pairs of jeans and shirts. I was still trying to fit into maternity clothes since none of my other clothes fit - talk about feeling fat! I am not the same size, but just being able to wear "normal" clothes really helped a lot. I still have an extra 10-15 pounds to lose all in my thighs and butt but I don't feel quite as fat after buying some clothes that fit. I didn't buy a lot because I'm not planning on staying this size, but I needed a few to get me through the week.

Hang in there! You may never get back to where you were, but that doesn't mean you can't be happy with where you will be. Give it a little more time and watch what you eat. If you can muster the energy to exercise, that will help too.

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