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Re: I feel so alone
Aug 14, 2005
My youngest, now 15, had reflux. I didn't know what it was. the older your child gets and can begin to eat baby food, cereal mixed with formula, it will get better. I promise!! As far as sleep goes, you can't survive without. I know you think your way is best, but if your mom did a good job with you, let her babysit her way. You need to get rest or you will be sick and that's not good. My son stayed in a sit up seat after each bottle...helped a little, but not much. Reflux is a pain. See if your pediatrician can give you something for reflux. I bought over the counter gas drops for my son, can't remember the name...that helped a little...Feed little at a time, take out bottle and burp frequently...don't give half and then burp.....good luck and you will make it!!

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